Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Penny Measured In Weeks - Manna From Heaven

A Penny Measured In Weeks

What's better than a frozen popsicle? frozen coins, ok I might had to work for the coins this morning because they were frozen to the pavement but they were so worth it. Early morning sun rise and a light-dusting of snow on my dogwood trees. Captivating aren't they.

I'd be remissed not to post this find so early in the morning walking my dog. Not my usual find of a penny but by the time I finished finding coins it amounted to .52c. Now that might not mean much to you but to me that equals 52 weeks. One penny for every week of the year. How amazing that God speaks to me in coins. Don't be surprised if we begin to see the lean years approaching. But my system is not the way of the world - God has a financial institution different from the worlds. I love the scripture in Joshua "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord."

Day 24 - Living Manna From Heaven

John 21:16-17

.Jesus said,.... do you truly love me? then Feed My Sheep
If we know Jesus, we possess manna that will never run out,
never dry up, and never grow stale.
are you eating empty calories or manna from Heaven?
what kind of meals are you serving to others?

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