Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am working on my Surface Design - Anything But Square
postcards. I have two more to do. I can't wait to finish
them and post the pics here. I surprised myself with the
shape. Here are two postcards I received yesterday.
The heart is from Debby - it has a beautiful red batik
background fabric and confetti hearts fill the globe. And all
the rage lately with Red Hat Society - I now have a gorgeous
red hat embellished with red flowers and feathers from Joan.


.... and when ye do ask, ye ask amiss. Oh boy!! Here is another part of that scripture.
So my desire is this:
Give me Your Heart God so that I won't ask amiss.
Last night hubby and I went to Cracker Barrel to eat. That little basket was sitting in
front on the top shelf again. There were only 4 stones left and underneath 3 of them
was a stone "ASK". Wow! Ok God you are confirming to me that I have heard you
correct and I need to be on the same wavelength with You. I laughed as I asked my
hubby to buy this inspiration stone for me. Because, of course, I had to tell him my
conversation with God and what He has been impressing on me. Where am I going?

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Fannie said...

These are two wonderful postcards, Dove. Both are great. The hat from Joan is a unique design.