Thursday, February 07, 2008

The God We Applaud

Day 40 - The God We Applaud
Just about everything we do has to have a "password." I like how the message Bible described Psalm 100:1,4
On your feet now - applaud God!
Enter with the password: "Thank You!"
Thank Him. Worship Him.
Well super bowl was this past Sunday and I bet everyone was whooping and hollering for their team. I don't pay any attention to it honestly. I'm not a fan of much in sports, except when my son watches Manchester United on the soccer channel.
Can you imagine if every Christian was as excited about worshipping God as people are about the super bowl? Wow the volume that would be heard in Heavn would probably shatter the sound barrier. One day King David was not very dignified according to his wife. But he was praising God, leading a processional bringing the ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem. For him this was something to shout and dance about. I love dancing before the Lord and praising him, but I also worship him in so many other ways.
The truth is the way each of us may choose to rejoice in the Lord will be different because we are not cookie-cutter Christians. God made each of special and unique. Let the Spirit of God within you stir you to praise the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Praise him! I love hearing my family play their instruments to praise God.
It doesn't matter how you express your joy as much as that you do it. God knows our hearts. And He loves to see his children rejoice in Him. Its not for us anyway, its for Him.

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