Monday, February 18, 2008

Tea,Roses and Lace

This all began by painting with colors I'm not
familiar with. Pink and purple. I gave myself
permission to use "girlie" colors. It took me back to a time I actually wore a bright pink suit
for Easter and went to Sunrise Service under the
Natural Bridge. Oh boy! Another therapeutic
moment. I am allowing myself to feel "being a girl".
Here are the three FPCs to be traded on FAT "Tea, Roses and Lace" with JanB.
They are way out of my element and comfort zone. But I did them and am proud to have achieved something new.

Neocolor wax pastel background for bottom two.
One is very victorian, one I actually used the silk tea bag from B&N peppermint tea. One I used vintage hankie cut up.


Jacq said...

I like all three of your postcards. they are very nicely done.

morningDove said...

thank you Jacq for the compliment.

Fannie said...

Congratulations, Dove! Beautiful work. It's nice to see you and your art evolve.

Ira said...

Very impressive. Beautiful solor combinations.
Thank you for visiting my blog.