Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ATCs CyberFyber Trade


I've been working on ATCs. They are small 2 1/2 by 3 1/2/ trading cards. But they take just as much time as a big project. Fannie shared a site by Susan Lenz, CyberFyberTrade. So I ask
to trade an ATC with her. My fiber felted egg will be mailed to her and I will receive one of her ATCs. I love the way the roving felted.
I also made two eggs for the Anything But Square trade. This roving is so yummy and as the saying
goes "melts like butter". It is so wonderful to work with. I plan on doing more of these.
Wouldn't they make a wonderful Easter card for
friends and family? You can't see the glimmer of
the beads but they just added the finishing touches to the postcards. I think I will explore the faberge egg. Here is an interesting site about Faberge, and history of the faberge egg. Enjoy!


Fannie said...

Dove, these felted ATCs turned out great! Is this machine felting or hand felting? They look delicate, just like an egg. Congratulations!

Sherry said...

Lovely eggs Dove! I've never felted before, but after receiving a felted card in the Poetic post card trade, I want to try. In my mind I kept associating the wool felting with the itchy wool clothing. I was amazed at how soft and luscious it could be. You keep growing and don't ever give up. Sherry in NC

Jacq said...

Dove, Your eggs are wonderful. I need to get going and do some felting. You are an inspiration.

morningDove said...

This is hand felting with a little 5 needle tool. "Just Felt Like It" roving is really wonderful to work with. thank you fannie, sherry and jacq for the comments

Tangled Threads said...

I love your eggs. Very creative. I bought the felting tool at Christmas (a gift from my bosses), but haven't tried it. You've inspired me.