Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who Gets The Credit?

I worked on ATCs yesterday. One I particularly love is called "ChaRee Beauty". I have been studying hieroglyphs and love the details in the Egyptian's sarcophagus (mummy).
ChaRee is simply done with neocolor wax pastels and one lonely little "eye" crystal. I layered and layered color until I got the distressed look. All the symbols are very personal to me. I will continue to use them in my pieces. I explored my personal symbols in Celebrate Your Creative Self.
The ATC's workshop on Artist's Circle is challenging me to go deeper. It has been a struggle to say the least. But Sherre is great about critiquing your work, if you would like her too. I had some
great suggestions on my last three from several people in the group.
Now to see if I can apply their advice to the ATCs and add more depth. I enjoyed my creative day yesterday.
I also worked on a "beaded" FAT flat fiber doll along the Egyptian theme also. If you want to call it beading. FAT has some amazing beaders and I will be hard pressed to show and trade the doll. But I must begin somewhere. Beading is hard work, but I can only perfect what I practice on.
Here's to getting better.
The Creative Life by Alice Bass
Do you ever really look at the acknowledgments in a book? In Creative Life Alice Bass uses the example of a one-woman show she watched on TV to acknowledge all the people that helped her get the book published. Like many of us we relate to the person/s we see up front and don't give to much thought to behind the scenes.
Here's a question for you?
If God is behind the scenes in each one of our lives;
and I believe He is but for those of you still struggling with this belief if He is;
how much credit do you give Him?
What do the Credits in your life look like;
me, me, me and no one else
I would like to thank first and foremost God,
the greatest Creator of All.

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Sherry said...

Awesome job Dove. Sherry in NC