Thursday, February 07, 2008

Noel's Gift Box

The gift I won on Noel's site arrived yesterday.

Her decorated box full of great treasures is
posted here. The gift box would have been
a perfect gift by itself. The most beautiful

icicle doll was in there. Her dark rich color and glitz and glitter were superb. Noel made the face and she is a delight to look upon. Just gorgeous. There was cherry fabric and bright fabric. Which of course I love. H20's were packed in this goodie box. I had wanted to try some as I had heard so much about them. Now I get to play. She enclosed a doll form for me to use my imagination and finish. What a great challenge. There is a beautiful domino. I have never received a decorated domino. But her "love" trinket would be great on an album for my son's wedding. The buttons in the goodie box were beautiful and it even had an orange one. My favorite color. But most interesting was the tea/coffee cozy. I had just expressed to my hubby I was going to have to make me one and guess what was in the box as part of my gift. I don't have to make one. I can't wait to go to Barnes & Noble. My hubby buys me a peppermint tea to sip while we enjoy books together. Now yesterday was a great day. But Noel's box made it extra special for me.


Jacq said...

What a wonderful box of goodies.

Fannie said...

Congrats on the gifts.