Friday, February 15, 2008


Today has been a frustrating day. NO ART!!! I spent the day on the phone trying to work out kinks for my son's house closing. I feel like I wasted the entire day, except for after 5pm when my hubby and I took a ride back to his home place. I still miss his dad, the only man I called dad, my FIL. I did stop by the book store and purchase a magazine, The Writer and book, 101 Ways To Make A Difference Today.

Ok I had to repent before God for not allowing Him to work things out for me today. It definitely was not a day I would have picked. And I had an appointment at 1pm but was pushing to get there and when I arrived, I arrived in frustration. Oh Boy! Now God has my attention. Not my will but His.
But I must admit while at the book store I did sit and browse through some wonderful art/mixed-media books/magazines. More eye candy. Have you seen the magazine "Artful Blogging". There are some great blogs in there.
My 1pm appointment - a haircut. I do feel much lighter with the shaping and styling of my hair. I never take time for myself like that. But while I was at it I did make another haircut/style appointment for the day my son gets married. Nothing fancy, just a plain cut, be myself.
So much happening for this son, new job, new home, new wife, new life, his new wife's new job.
And his new home - well let's just say I will have a new neighbor!! lol


Tangled Threads said...

I'm feeling lean on art also. I had to take a break and now I'm back and it feels good. I love you sharing your struggles and faith in Christ.

Fannie said...

Your art for today was in a different form--the art of communication, scenic drive, magazine, art books, a new hair "design," etc. Your day was filled with art, just not the kind you wanted, but the kind I enjoy reading about--creating an artist. ;-D

Thanks for sharing.

Jacq said...

"Taking care of business" is a good thing. Sounds like you had a good day, just different.

morningDove said...

oh you guys are the best, thank you for showing me a different form of art. Life is Art! i guess. i never thought of it that way. I was too focused on what I wanted to do.

Sherry said...

Dove, no worries dear, we all have those days. And yes, Life is Art in so many ways. Sherry

Clevelandgirlie said...

I love the comments here - "Life is Art" even in it's worst moments, the paintbrush of time paints the landscape of our lives. I too have a son on the "brink" of a new life -- it's such an exciting time (scary, but exciting) you sound like a wonderful mom. Oh, and nothing helps destress like a quiet moment in the bookstore - hope you had a latte too!