Sunday, February 24, 2008

Its a Mystery and a Buzz-y Day

Bridal Shower

Now I know what a group of bees feel like buzzing around all day making a bees nest!
Today my DIL-to-be had her bridal shower. I made a little flat angel doll with a daisey flower head and put her head as the center of the flower. I used daisey fabric she had picked out as the dress. But I forgot to take a pic of it in all of my hurriedness. Maybe I will get it back from her and take a pic later to post.

My hubby is busy with three projects at son's new home. Pulling out all the downstairs bathroom, painting everything and yard work. Wow we are busy!!

I did receive my mystery trade from Lori. And here is a pic.
Her crazy stitching is very beautiful. Its a gorgeous little purse. The black/white lining is just as sweet. Thank you Lori.

I can see life will never be the same. My home was filled with company today.


Fannie said...

Can't wait to see your flat angel doll.

Your mystery trade from Lori is wonderful!

Lori said...

Thank you for posting the purse! it looks great on your blog! hehehee