Monday, February 25, 2008

More Monkey Business

I am going to post this pic in hopes that
Hailey won't see it until it reaches her
this week in the mail to CA. Her challenge
was very enjoyable.
I used neocolor wax pastels on canvas
for this postcard. "Let's Hang Out" was
an inspiration I came up with after seeing
a monkey in an advertisement for stamping.
I thought the saying "Two 'tales' are better
than one" was cute to go along with the two
monkeys hanging out.
On the back I put a blue fused thread down
with a monkey tail as a postcard divider.
I have already made another monkey card to mail to Hailey
next week. Not sure how many I will be inspired to make and send to her. What's next Hailey?


Jacq said...

Your monkey card is really cute. You are on a roll girl.

Sherry said...

As always, another awesome job!

Fannie said...

A heart-felt gift. Sprinkling hearts and monkeys. ;-D

Lori said...

Love your Monkey card! Sure Haley will love it!

Maggie R said...

Love it MD....
Makes me giggle!