Monday, February 11, 2008

Coins - God's Promise

Found Objects - Coins In Keeping With God's Promise

I did not want to walk my dog in this cold weather but he persevered. And to my good fortune I might add. Yesterday and today I found coins and a few interesting objects. The only thing left to find in silverware would be the fork. lol.

God and I have been having a conversation. Yesterday I began to reflect on my "style" or lack thereof. I began to ponder this one thing: What is my signature? If I could have only one signature of who I am what would it be? Actually I have been pondering quite a few things. I realize I need a label for my creations, too.

Yesterday God began speaking to me through the scripture: You have not because you ask not. Ouchy! I felt like He stepped on my toes. Was that a belief issue? or a lack of trust in Him? I'm not sure where this is all going but I will keep following Him where He leads me.


Barbara said... found coins...are you rich now:))
greetings from Barbara

morningDove said...

Boy am I rich, everyday I walk I find coins. And occasionally dollar bills.