Wednesday, February 20, 2008



Sorry about the glare. I felt the need to post this pic I took from my old family Bible my mom gave to me. Once she and I were talking about what was really important in life, dying and what to do with estate. I told her the only thing I ever wanted was the family Bible. So she said, "If you want it, take it now." That has been years ago. I was looking through it the other day and I am sorry to say the binding has split down the middle. It sits by my night stand. This "Though" script is on one of the pages. I would love to recreate it in fabric. The Bible contains family birth, wedding and death dates. But it also contains one of the three pictures I have of my dad, who I never knew.

Two days ago a conversation God and I was having had to do with "If I ask you to sit on your hands what would you do?" Oh, I thought about that long and hard, and quite honestly have not stopped thinking about that question. I pondered how I would do my art and bathe and do many things I take for granted. Then I began to think of all the disabled people in the world and how they struggle to survive everyday. That reminded me of Joni and her story I read when I was younger.

I wonder what kind of art I could produce with my teeth or toes holding a brush? How frustrated would I become, would I have the strength to continue to pursue my passion OR would I let it die? I am grateful for all God has given me and the abilities He has given me.


Maggie R said...

I was reading this post and all your thoughts.Yes WHAT WOULD WE DO???
When one stops and thinks and to realize we can do anything we want to, we truly ARE blessed, and I thank the good Lord every day.
I hope you didn't develop a headache as you suspected.. This time of year going into the change of season use to be the worst time for me when I would get cluster migraines. Thank goodness and mercy I don't get them anymore.
Have a great day ..and be well

morningDove said...

Oh Maggie: thank you for your wonderful thoughts. I think my headache came from a grape soda I drank. Although when I awoke this morning it was still lingering. I didn't get much accomplished but I made it through the day.