Friday, February 08, 2008

Betty Boop For Sale

I could not resist taking the pictures of this hot pink classic, Betty Boop. She is a beauty and for sale. One of the groupies goes by betty boop online. i took a pic to send to her. This is not my car and I don't know the seller, but hey maybe one of you need a classic pink to express your femininity.

40 days In God's Presence

Well God did some amazing things for me this past 40 days. Spending time in God's presence is not as hard as you might think. When you begin to acknowledge Him you just find yourself in His presence. But sometimes there is a depth that occurs and you finally "get it." It is whatever you might be searching for, looking to do, or finally understanding a scripture.

I am so grateful for God wanting to spend time with me. As a matter of fact I know He desires it more than we realize it. He just reaffirmed to me that in the body of Christ we all need one another. Everybody has something to offer and when that thing or that person is missing we are not whole. I don't know about you but I want to be whole and complete. So I say thank you to the ones that have commented on my blog and been encouraged by it bc you sure have encouraged me and given me strength when I felt so weak.

Get Down To Business

My B&N peppermint tea with Noel's coffee cuff. Oh so yummy!!

Yesterday I actually was showing my collage to a person and they asked me why I had not started a business. They went on to say that if and when I did they would help back me financially. What are you waiting for, you might say? God's timing!! I can feel somethings happening and they feel like they are just around the corner getting ready to burst out. Its sort of like Spring when all the crocuses and daffodils begin to pop out. You see the new growth and the beauty all around you. And you want to be Spring, you want to be the new growth, the New Beginning.

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Jacq said...

The car is wonderful. A good thing my grandaughter doesn't see it she would want it for sure.