Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm pondering a word today - altered. Webster's New World Dictionary gives the meaning as:

1. to change; make different; modify
Altered things are very popular right now in the art world. But I am wondering how much of my life I have "altered". I was designed by God to be salt and light for Him. I have chosen to alter that plan so many times. The only altering I really want in my life is what God chooses to do.
I was listening to a cd Favor - What Money Can't Buy. Before I had finished the cd I found myself on my knees weeping before the Lord in prayer.
The "Altered" pic includes two dimes that I found on my walk. And you are probably wondering what does the other pic have to do with altered? Those are also found objects I've come across on my walking. I can't believe I picked up the boxers with money signs and diamonds on them. They were brand new and I have a feeling someone lost these things out of their backback. I only hope they weren't their only pair. The slippers were found at a bus stop on the day I walked in the pouring down rain. Believe it or not but I am using the slipper parts to include in my "green" 5x5 quilt for Quilting Arts. (And yes I did wash them) I have been thinking about all the trash that gets placed in the dumps bc its not recycable. What am I taking for granted, what has been granted to me? Am I a good steward of things God has assigned to me?
I will continue to ponder these things today as I work on my projects.


Jacq said...

Dove, You find the strangest things on your walks. I'll be watching to see what you do with them.

Noel said...

boxwer and slippers...I do find the starngest things on your walks...hehehe!
I like what you said about what we alter from God's plan in our me to thinking. I guess there's more soul searching...I will have to google the cd!
Love your blog Dove!!!

Fannie said...

I look forward to seeing your 5x5 quilt. Sounds intriguing.

morningDove said...

Hi guys, i don't know why i come across those weird things. but i am going to use those slippers and recycle.