Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Praise In All Things

D. House's FAT Tea,Lace and Roses FPC arrived from Tx.
It is a beautiful card made with upholstery fabric and
embellished with a beautiful little rose in the corner. Lace has been
added to the top and bottom. The
back is just as beautiful. I believe it is decorative paper.

Yesterday was definitely a tea day with a friend for me. We spent time in prayer. God seems to be dealing with both of us about not allowing any negative thoughts to enter our minds let alone speaking them. She shared a book of stories called Prison To Praise and another book by the same author. I believe the author was Carruthers. Anyway I left there knowing what I need to concentrate on and wondering how God was going to bring it about. Hubby is struggling in some of the same areas I am and adjusting to the neighbors next door. We love all our children but sometimes boundaries must be drawn for all our sakes. Adjustments can be difficult or you can let God deal with them as you continue to pray them through.


Sherry said...

Will pray with you Dove. We struggled for a while with our youngest son & family just 3 miles down the road. Things will get better.

morningDove said...

thank you Sherry. you are such a prayer warrior. It's great to know others that can encourage bc they have been there and done that. thank you.