Friday, March 21, 2008


Is it real or is it just a memory. I finished my art challenge for Latest Trend but I am not happy with it at all. I could not execute the technique I was working on. A week ago when I was practicing with my new stamp I was able to work out the kinks. The samples looked great to me but then I put it away for awhile. The result: I did not document what I was trying and now I can not reproduce that technique for the life of me. I didn't want to use the entire stamp, only pieces of her. The stamp is a beautiful geisha from Inka. This challenge has definitely stretched me and I have enjoyed exploring other avenues I would normally never consider.
Here's my problem; see if you have any solutions/suggestions for me. I would appreciate it.
And the catch of the challenge - You could use only the one stamp, one embellishment (friendship knot ) and one card. I get to choose the technique and background.
I could not figure out how to get a smooth, complete finish. Rubs, sponge, brush?
I used neocolor on stamp face when practicing and the face, hair, flowers were very distinct and different colors, no muddling but now look at this. Can you tell I grew frustrated.
The side of card: I used neocolor as a resist in black and white.
The inside card: I painted with neocolor pink - maybe this is the wrong thing to use on paper?
My center piece is the mid-section of geisha stamp - hands/tea cup only - on modeling clay. I love using the modeling clay and stamping. But what would you suggest I do instead of just plopping it down on the card?
My mind had run the gamut and was just done. I sent it on but I am very disappointed in the finished product. What I did learn: new techniques are fun, getting out of the main stream of what I work with opens my eyes up to so much more creativity. Frustration can be a good thing when I redirect it.

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Noel said...

Dove, I have some suggestions and I will send you an email and give them to you. I like what you have but I know what you mean about putting it all together!