Sunday, March 02, 2008

Warm/Cool; Not Weather But Colors

Trip Around World - Warm/Cool

I had my second ArtQuiltStudy Workshop. Today we discussed color, perspective and borders.
Which are warm colors? Which are cool colors? Primary, secondary and tertiary colors. I need a color wheel? Oh my!! We played with paint chips. Now that I have picked a theme its off to my first attempt at a 9x12 quilt.


Fannie said...

Blue/Purple/Green--"Cool" colors. ;-D Sounds like a stimulating class. Nice.

morningDove said...

hi fannie: i'm probably in overload but working on my first little quilt with theme "car/s".
not having an art background i seem to struggle a little more but i am learning so much

Jacq said...

It sounds like your class will be really good. I went Sherwin Williams paint store and purchased a whole collection of their paint chip cards. Oh, the things one can do with them.