Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rain Down, Nothing But A Blur

Yesterday I shared with Wanda on FAT that
I loved walking with my lab in the rain. Well,
don't you know it decided to pour torrential
rains when I was walking my dog. Here is a
pic of my pants and shoes when I arrived
home. What a great walk. There is a song
"Rain Down" and I sung it all along my walk.
A refreshing, cleansing rain for me and my
spirit. I needed to repent and feel the cleansing
of God. He Is Awesome!!

You can see my doggie loved it too. He was soaked to the bone. My son took these pics before we were allowed to dry off and come into the house. What fun! We may think we control so many aspects of our lives but only God controls the weather or He did; seems man is trying to manipulate even nature.

Nothing But A Blur

You know yesterday I was close to being disobedient to something the Lord ask me to do. I have 3 Inspiration stones that God directed me to purchase at different times. They have the words "Remember", "Prosperity" and "Ask" on them. I love how I found them and that they represent promises from Him. Parting with them so soon was not in my agenda. My oldest was visiting from the beach for the day. As he was preparing to leave I felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit direct me to give my son the stones. Well, I just knew I was not hearing correctly. No way could He possibly be asking me to release those yet. But He showed me how my heart was selfish even toward blessing my son. Oh Boy!! I did not like what I saw. I almost let this opportunity slip by, but before I left the house with my hubby I had to ask my hubby to wait and let me go back inside the house to tell my son goodbye. Ok really it was to give him my precious stones bc up to this point I was willing to let him return to the beach w/o the stones.

Later while I was still out with hubby I called my son and told him how hard it was to release the stones to him. I ask where he had put the stones, bc he tends to misplace things. His response, "They are in my pocket. Well, mom maybe those stones are mine like David 's stones." I replied, "You may be right, use those stones to defeat your Goliaths." Wow what insite my son had. He took back with him Bible study materials we have had for some time. He asked for them and I had even a hard time giving him the books. I need to be careful or books could easily become my god. Is there a love of something/someone that is beginning to replace your love for God more?

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