Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Here We Go Round In Circles-Happy B-day Son

Happy Birthday

My middle son turns 22 today. He was born around 11:30am, a lunch time baby. He now is the proud owner of the home next door. And loves his job as a police officer. He will be up in a few hours and will begin a fugitive roundup. Oh boy!! Pray for safety. We won't get to see him today for his birthday. But to let you in on a secret. When he was born I believe he came out smiling. I remember when the doctor held him he grabbed onto the blankie they were wrapping him in and to this day I believe he grabs on to life the same way. With a firm grip.

New Workshop - Artist's Circle
My new workshop started today on Artist's Circle with
Elizabeth. We are using Mixed Media Explorations by
Beryl Taylor. Our first week is using water-soluble solvy, thread, fabric and cording. I forgot to put on yarn and fabric. So that gives me an excuse to try this experiment again.
Haha! You know I don't need an excuse to try it again.
This was suppose to be 3 leaves. I forgot to continue my threads out to another point of thread work. And the pink
circle, my first attempt at a NA mandala. It reminds me of the crocheted coasters in my grandmothers living room along with all the crocheted furniture covers.


Fannie said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your son from me!

I recently purchased the book by Beryl Taylor. It's great!

Jacq said...

I love Beryl Taylor's book and have used ideas from it several times. I will enjoy watching things that you do from it.

Cindy said...

Love what you did! I didn't have the patience to try anything like this! To answer your question on my blog -- thanks for stopping by, BTW -- I sewed mine down through the fabric snippets. I'm not very good at tacking.

Happy Birthday to your son, and thank him for his service for me.

morningDove said...

thank you ladies for posting about the book. What did you guys do?
I will tell my son happy b-day from you guys. Cindy i will take another look at your tacking.