Thursday, March 06, 2008

Down For The Count

Here is another wonderful St. Paddy pin I received from a trade. Carmen does wonderful embroidery work. And she sent me matching earrings. How is that for being decked out on St. Patrick's day.
Thank you so much Carmen for my gorgeous pin and shamrock earrings.

Well all my good intentions went out the window this morning. The dreaded migraine attacked an that was all she wrote; as the saying goes. I spent the day in bed fast asleep. And my eyes are still weak and full of pain but I wanted to post quickly. Then its off to bed for the night.

Funny about those demolish guys next door. My son and his tree-climbing friend have leveled about 7 trees and trimmed 3; more to come tomorrow. He cracks me up, then they went to pick up a trailer to haul all the debris to the dump. We've found the back neighbor has erected his fence on our side of the property. Oh Boy!!
I have no energy and hubby is really in major pain as he helped all day in son's yard. I wish I had taken before pics of home bc I will definitely take after.I think I'll end on this note. Good night all!!

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