Saturday, March 15, 2008


So many times we post our finished project. I decided to let you see my foibles on a challenge I am working on. I'm struggling with what paint to use on a paper card and since I've never used stamps trying to figure out how many times I stamp until I get a good print. Every great artist has to begin somewhere. LOL. I need to write down what doesn't work as I'm doing it bc now I don't remember what the gray paint was. Practice, practice, and more practice.
I just want instant gratification. I am learning so many things about myself as I work through these processes.


Jacq said...

All those practice pieces can be made into other wonderful things down the road. That is my reason for not throwing anything away.

Fannie said...

"Foibles" to "Fruits." Hang in there. Keep playing and enjoy the journey. Someday soon, you'll look at your rubber stamping art and go, ahhhh--beautiful! ;-D

Jacq is right. Keep those pieces. It will also show your growth.