Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daisies On My Mind


My DIL-to-be loves the daisy. So that will be the main flower for
their wedding. Dharma showed a pic of a past doll trade on FAT . I loved the dolls shape so I created a wedding doll for my DIL. I took a pic of one of her daisies, printed it on fabric, added stabilizer and did thread work around the petals. Then I took a pic of her and added it in the center of the flower. She had bought several different fabrics for me to make her a table runner. I chose the "Our Wedding" fabric and made the body and added lace around the edge. She is not finished as I want to add angel wings to her. I love it so far. I gave it to my DIL at her bridal shower on her gift bag. The ladies loved her.

Signature Card/Inspiration Stones

Another project I am working on is a business card/signature card for myself. I want to be able to attach a card to my trades when I mail them out, plus I would like to be able to have a great card to give out to people about my art. The card shown is a pic I took of a sunset, manipulated in Scrapbook Prgm, accented with a pink background. I have a pic I took of a dove sitting on my fence that I want to find in my 8000 pics on computer and use that for my main background on my cards. Will see if I can track it down.

Included in this pic are two stones. I purchased these at Cracker Barrel last night.
My first three inspirations stones went to my son as I stated in another post.

The words on these "Receive" and "Celebrate". I felt very impressed to get "receive". I am not doing very good in receiving and even worse in acknowledging a "thank you". Usually I don't have a problem in doing that. So a gentle reminder must be needed.

"Celebrate" I felt impressed to purchase bc I want to spend more time celebrating my relationship with Christ, family and friends. To be more joyous for all I have and to acknowledge outwardly to my hubby especially I feel it something I need desperately to work on.


Jacq said...

You have been busy. Your wedding doll is very cute and what a nice idea. I like you business card.

Lin Lin said...

It is so fitting. Beautiful!

Fannie said...

The doll is a gift of love, Dove. I'm sure all the ladies and your DIL was impressed.

The business card idea is a good one. I recently ordered some mini cards to include with my trades and gifts--we're on the same track--again.

I think sometimes you're too hard on yourself. I see you as a generous giver and receiver. I'm sure many will agree.