Friday, March 07, 2008

Play Day and Paint Chips

I picked up paint chips from the store and wanted to use them for layouts. Does any background color appeal to you with the hearts?

The heart on purple is the truest color - orange and green threads. What's interesting is the background in the little windows changed color too. The true background is a thin layer of orange fabric with white canvas underneath.

This morning I awoke and did this workshop experiment for Artist Circle. We were to use solvy, cords, fabric, sewing machine and of course our creative minds. So I made two threadwork hearts; one with a piece of dryer sheet attached by threadwork to the all threadwork heart . I think I may make it into a FPC or ATC. I want to try more bc I still have not included the cord/yarn yet. Now I am in my element/zone.

But looking at the pics I think the little windows are distracting from what I wanted to focus on - color and layout. I will name the FPC or ATC "Open Window to My Heart."


Tangled Threads said...

I like the last one best. The colors complement each other and the window layout is nice. In the last one, the squares look like windows and add to the piece. I haven't gotten my act together enough to do this workshop yet. Nice job.

morningDove said...

thanks for letting me know Deb. Come on and do the workshop with me.