Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Growth

Yesterday was a great day for me mail-wise but I felt so bad physically that I didn't even get out of my pj's. I know today has to be better. I received my Spring pages from the other artists I was trading with on FAT.

The tree was sent from Nj. The tree is foil or light metal with green beads for leaves, the butterflies move in different directions by placing a bead on top of the body. The piece is edged with decorative fibers/yarns. On the back she made a pocket and placed a squirrel playing card in it with a great poem. I love all the fibers on the card.

This wonderful Spring page came from K. Rodriquez. She placed a dragonfly charm in the air. The purple flower is appliqued with an antique button in the center. She has hand-stitched the flowers and grass using french knots and straight stitch. The pictures of both artists' pages do not do them justice. But I get to keep the real thing and make it into a fiber Spring Page book. Two gifts in one trade. I like that I don't have to make all the pages but they are a compliation of other artists.

I will post more art work tomorrow from this Spring page collection.
So come back and sit a while, have a cup of tea and enjoy.

God is definitely bringing new growth and birth to my family spiritually and naturally. It's another time of stretching. The house next door is preceding on schedule. The bathroom will be finished today and my son will probably move in this weekend.

My hubby's job is definitely stretching him as there is one person who is vulgar and directs his cursing at my hubby. There seems to always be one that destroys the team concept.

And we will be meeting with the county agencies over a new entrance change in our subdivision and a few other issues. My husband has banded together our little neighborhood to have a voice in the final outcome. He is pretty exhausted from dealing with it after working all day but he keeps moving forward. He never ceases to amaze me. God that is! Yesterday while sitting on my deck enjoying the sun He began to speak to my heart about some issues. Of course I wept to think when I stopped and listened for Him, He actually gave me direction. He has given me one word to pray for each member of my family. So to see how He will move and answer prayer is exciting.


Jacq said...

Hope today is a better day for you. Sometimes a pj's day is the best cure. You are always so busy and always inspiring me.

Sherry said...

hope you are feeling better dove.

morningDove said...

today has been a "jump-back-on-the-horse day". Going nonstop. Just returned home from a gov't meeting with our county and neighbors on an issue. My hubby was so elegant in speaking.

Fannie said...

Hope you feel better, Dove. I like PJ days.