Friday, March 14, 2008

Button, Button Who's Got the Button

Yesterday proved to be a very interesting day. It started out like any other day and then I lost my computer. Oh my!! I finally went to the library and was able to get online but not any email at all. So I contacted a dear friend to send out a distress signal. Thank you Fannie.

I was pretty upset before this happened about changes occurring in my neighborhood. So while walking I was thanking God for all He had given me and trying to redirect my negativity to "thank yous". Today was no exception, in the fact, that God did not let me down when I focused on Him. I found a dime, a penny, and a few other things too. But the most intereseting thing I found was a reminder of who's child I am. Here is the button I found. On it reads "I am God's Child". I guess He said it all for me.

But when computer went down I reverted back to my old ways.
Complaining! I finally drove to the library to see if I could get on up there. No mail connection but I did reach Fannie's blog and leave my message.
While I was at the library I thought to myself I may as well check out books. I found some rather interesting reads. Maybe God was redirecting my steps totally, bc I had not planned on going to the library. But before I stepped up to the desk to checkout guess what was laying on the floor in front of me. You guessed it!! a penny.

When I called my friend to share about answered prayer, I told her about my button find. Her response, "Button, Button who's got the button." Do you remember that children's game. We laughed and stood amazed at how God had answered my prayers from earlier in the morning, just not in my way. Another interesting thing - my friend told me of a mutual friend she saw at church on Sunday and while I was walking guess who I ran in to. Our friend and her daughter, who is expecting their first child, a son. Coincidence - I think not!
I picked a variety of books up while at the library. I had to post them. Moments of Grace by Neale Walsch, Haiku by Patricia Donegan, Painted Paper by Alisa Golden, and Invisible Acts of Power by Caroline Myss. I had just asked God to help me with my project I am doing with paper and the Painted Paper book was a brand new book just placed in the library. Just for me, lol. God does answer prayer, no matter how small the request.
This post is rather long today but there is so much I want to share about God. On the way home from the library I heard the neatest story on the radio.
Seems a couple actually have honey dripping from the walls in their home. They live in an historic home in CA and there are so many bees inside their walls that honey is literally dripping from their walls. Now that is a "honey-do list"!! They said they won't bother the bees bc they don't want the historic home damaged. That's one big honeycomb. They say when you walk up to the home is smells of honey. Maybe they should name the home "Sweet Nectar" or "HoneyComb".


Kim said...

A lovely blog you have here, full of the milk and honey of Gods word. Thanks for visiting my blog... I too have had a great time, with no end in site. Funny how God doesn't do as we expect, so we have to learn to expect what he does. Our own roads are bumpy, nice to have a friend to walk with down the road!

Jacq said...

Sounds like a day that started out sort of rough ended up pretty good. Some of the woman in our church are in a book study group. Yesterday we started "The Red Tent", I am having a hard time putting the book down. Looks like you have yourself some good reading.

Fannie said...

You're welcome, my Dear Dove! Glad I was able to help in some small way.

Looks like you found treasures at the library. I've read the Haiku book--excellent, thought-provoking, meaningful.

"HoneyComb" sounds appropriate. How interesting. "Painted Paper" sounds fun. Maybe we'll have a book review? Thanks for sharing.

Noel said...

Dove, I so enjoy reading the stories of your everyday life and walk with God. I love the button find...He does have a way of putting things into perspective...VBG!