Saturday, March 01, 2008

For Whom The Bell Tolls

I thought this video would be so cute to add for today's post. I captured this little squirrel trying to irritate a bird that was sitting nearby I guess what he thought to be all his territory. The video was taken through my dining room window.

Today is another busy day. My quilt guild meeting is this morning. And then its home again to continue painting on my son's new home next door. After we finish his home I told him I think his dad and I will trade them homes. I'm only kidding!!

Last night I realized how much the workshops and trades on FAT are helping me to develop my techniques, expand my knowledge base on art, and increase my self-esteem. The greatest benefit out of this is the friendships being forged. Thank again to Nj for FAT and all the trade partners I have had in the past. Oh yeah, the trade I am hosting will close on March 4, my middle son's birthday. Now that will prove to be interesting. But I am learning time management too.

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