Friday, March 28, 2008

Check Up

I guess we all need a checkup from the doctor. It's like a tuneup for your car. Would you keep driving it and never check the gas, water, or oil? Well I know some that might not ever check the last two until the vehicle locked up. But that is never a good idea. Today I go for a checkup and I am not looking forward to it.

I heard Ted Broer speaking last night on the tv about his book Maximum Energy. He says there are 10 food items you should never eat. The ones I heard were diet soda, shell fish, lunch meats and margarine.

I know I need to eat more fruit and vegetables. And drink more WATER. Have you ever heard the saying, "Water, water everywhere and not enough to drink?" I heard the other day of a city experiencing prescription drugs in their drinking water. Now how do you think it got there?

Update: My friend's hubby was having mini-strokes in his brain. He must change his diet and lose weight. Gee that is what Broer was saying we need to do. Can it be that simple? Broer went on to say that cholesterol meds are killers and one should use natural ways to get it under control. He also mentioned if a child has used ritalin or another med for ADD they will not be allowed to join the military. Wonder what the gov't knows about this drug?

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Jacq said...

Hope all goes well with your check up. I'm not sure about giving up diet soda.:-D