Monday, March 17, 2008

The Wedding - Soul ties or Soul Eyes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. What do you see when you look into someone else's eyes OR do you bother to look at them, do you make eye contact, do they look at you while they are speaking? Does that make you feel uncomfortable? I'm pondering that thought early this Monday morning.

Yesterday I attended my son's friends' wedding. And it was the most touching Godly wedding. They exchanged their vows and made their commitments to one another with the Chickahominy River as their backdrop and between two beautiful, old stately trees. Very profound, with so much meaning. Each father was given the responsibility of passing the spiritual responsibities to the next generation. The bride's father read the groom's vows to him as he exchanged them with his bride and vice versa. It was a powerful impact on me. The father's giving charge to their children. This was a first of many things I have never seen before. The songs picked out were very appropriate for this couple's wedding day. I know the groom personally and know that with all his heart he wants to serve God and wife and family in that order.
Can you imagine The Bible says that our weddings are to represent how Christ loves His Bride, the Church.

My hubby didn't want to go but afterwards his heart was so touched, just like mine. He cried and so did I. It gave us fresh and new hope to strengthen our marriage; to love one another like Christ loved the church and to be devoted to God and our relationship first then to others.

Every child desires within them to have their father's blessing. I can truly say this bride and groom received that and so much more. On a heavier note it made me sad for millions of children who grow up every day not knowing their father, even when he does live in the home. What have we as a society done to the family that God designed?

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