Sunday, March 16, 2008

Casting Stones

Pure In Heart

It's 1:37am on Sunday morning - Palm Sunday. Saturday my oldest son came up to be fitted for his tux for his brother's wedding. He shared the neatest story with me. He and some friends were out eating on Friday night after his church life group met. While seated in a booth, several "older" (40's) ladies came by and sat at booth behind them. He said you could tell they had been at the bar too long. They were obnoxious and cursing and talking loud. One of the ladies overheard his friend ask the other friend if he were interested in dating anyone. She jumped into the conversation and said she had a beautiful daughter. My son turned around and asked her if she really wanted to know what they were discussing. He began to share about the life group meeting and what Christ was doing in their lives. The drunk woman expressed that she was a youth group leader in a nearby city. My son looked at her and ask if he could share something with her. He told her she needed to be an example to the youth. At which she responded she was. He said well you were not a very good example as you were sitting down. You were cursing and being obnoxious. At which she explained they had been to a friends bachelorette party. Like that was suppose to excuse her behavior. But her friends at this time nodded their heads in agreement with my son about making a drunken scene. My son went on to say to her, "You prejudged me and my friends bc we have tattoos and long hair, but after I have shared about how God is working in our lives you freely say you would allow one of us to date your daughter."

She had judged them by their outward appearance, but who were the white-washed sepulchures in this case talked about in the Bible. I cant' imagine what she shared with the youth in her charge at her church. Personally I hope she does a little soul searching and repents for her actions. None of us are perfect but we must continue to search ourselves for clean hands and a pure heart.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

I am also learning other things. And one of them is this make sure you always credit from whence your help comes. My help comes from the Lord.

I added a credit to my OLW Prosperity pic in upper right hand corner of my blog.

The beautiful heart was made by a Surface Design member, Debby Leonard. I never thought much about placing the heart along with my inspiration stones in this pic and stating it was made by her. But through the Holy Spirit's nudging I feel I need to do that. I would not want anyone thinking I made the heart. False advertisement is not good!!


Fannie said...

Credit where credit is due. You're right.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Noel said...

Dove, the story was great....we are always to be a good example for the Lord.
I love your dear friend Sharon (Moonrae) is in that group.