Saturday, March 29, 2008

Praise Him Anyway

Praise In The Storm

My friend and I have been struggling with situations we are praying through. Most important we are learning to praise God anyway, anyday. Pray without Ceasing. You know I am finding this very hard and not to find a negative word on my lips or even in my mind is tough. BUT I am learning to Praise.

Another important thing I am learning is to listen to God. The past several days I have been very impressed to continue in prayer for my oldest son. I knew in my spirit he was struggling and struggling big time. Last night he called me and we had a wonderful conversation about praising God no matter what. He led the conversation and I didn't say anything to him until the end. Seems he is in the same place where I am - Praising God in every situation. He shared some amazing answers to prayer for himself and others he has been encouraging. He told me the only way he has been staying on course and making it through was by soaking in the Word of God every night and studying God's Word. At 24 he has a tough bunch of guys he works with that speak vulgar about women and in very nasty, degrading ways. It's tough to stay pure and not fall into even laughing with the men in their course joking and jesting. His phone call was such an encouragement to me.

Beyond his prayer: God answered his desire to be a part of the praise team at church - Beyond what my son could ask or imagine - a phone call came to ask if he would be part of Sunday's praise team as a lead singer. Wow! double wow!


What fun this past week has been on FAT though. A new beginning for technique week. Michelle did a great job of sharing her pendant making with us. Wow! so much fun and such easy directions to follow. Here is my finished leaf pendant. The pic does not do the color justice. I may try to take one this morning outside to see if I can capture the real color. Anyway, thank you so much Michelle for this wonderful lesson. A lesson I learned: don't quit, keep going until the end, you may surprise yourself with the end result.

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Fannie said...

Very nice, Dove. I need to work on mine.