Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cure for Complaining

is what my friend called this video she forwarded to me about Nick. Give it a minute to begin.

When you feel like grumbling and complaining about your situation consider Nick's situation. If you have time to watch the entire video you won't be disappointed. He makes several great points. Trust God in all situations. I am grateful for all God is doing for me, to me, and through me.


I have made so many wonderful friends online in my groups. One of them is Noel from CA. She is a wonderful artist and fantastic beader. If you don't believe me just take a look at a beadazzling gift I received this week.
Fishers of Men
was made with orange beads. My favorite color. The detail in this piece of art is amazing. Her choice of beads, well let's just say she has an "eye" for proportion.
May God bring Noel blessings of a personal note that she will without a doubt know that God loves her more than she could ever dream or imagine.
That is so hard for many to fathom, including me, but God is faithful to teach us and love us and guide us into His destiny for us.
Be blessed today and encouraged God loves you!!


Sherry said...

Oh you lucky girl you. I saw those on Noel's blog and just drooled. They're fabulous. I'd love to have a pattern and directions just to try it.

Jacq said...

Noel's fish is very nice. What will do with it?

Fannie said...

Nice beading work and a gift from the heart.

Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing the video, Dove. It really makes one step back and really think. That was a powerful testimony.