Monday, October 20, 2008

2nd Surgery

I thought this vintage sewing pic was interesting. I may use it on one of the round robin altered book pages I am doing in the IW group. There
are so many inspirational women we can look back in history to and use as examples. I'll post two of the pages I finished for Toni's book maybe tomorrow.

If you could pick a time frame to
have lived in would you have
picked now?

I am off in a few hours to drop my doggie off at vet for second surgery. Mentally I don't know if I can handle this long road to recovery. But one day at a time, bite sized, I may be able to look at and work through.

Toughest part: having to help him outside, using a sling to lift him up. And knowing he has not been able to drink water since his first surgery. We have to mix it with something for him to stay hydrated. This is teaching me so much about myself - drink plenty of water. I went to work on Saturday evening and didn't take anything to drink. I thought I would perish. Hubby brought me a peppermint tea, nice and warm, on a cold evening. But I was still craving water.


Sherry said...

Good Luck today Dove. May God be with you both. He will give you the strength you need to get through all of this.

Fannie said...

Give Bear a gentle Hug for me!

Mar said...

i hope the day smoothed out for you and the doggie...and he recovers as fast as possible
hang in there

Jacq said...

Thoughts are with you as you have had to go through another surgery with your dog. Our pets are such wonderful friends, hope all will be well.