Wednesday, October 01, 2008

God's Shield of Protection

A Mighty Fortress Is My God

His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark. Ps 91:4

I enjoyed time with my middle son yesterday. He came over to check on our doggie bc he had his staples taken out early that morning.

My hubby gave my son two really great cds on police officers and how to deal with the aftermath of a shootout. He called his dad to express how much it had helped him. He is planning on making a few to give out to his buddies on the police force. They should actually become part of the training while in the academy. You don't realize how much this does effect a person even when they have been trained on gun fire.

I was able to share again with him about what God had revealed to me about him and his brothers. He allowed me to express all the great qualities I see in him. The night before my youngest son's girlfriend was over and shared a story. One of my middle son's lt. came in to her work and said if he ever had to have one person beside him in a situation it would be our middle son. He talked about how brave and in control our son is.

My son shared he meets officers all the time that ask about his dad and how he's doing. They wish my hubby was still a police officer. The respect my husband has earned is bc of his relationship with Jesus. If he did not have that relationship he would be a different person.

I shared with my son he needs to draw on Jesus's strength not his own. God will give him all he needs to do the jobs he is required to do.

I am reading God's Shield of Protection - Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth. It is a comprehensive look at the protection promises given by God. I am in the process of memorizing this Psalm. I feel it is very important to me at this time in my life.
God's Laughing
Now you all know how I find coins in weird places while I am walking. The other day my hubby walked up to the entrance of our neighborhood bc someone had littered. He headed up there to pick it all up. He was frustrated but when he came back he was laughing. He opened his hand and said to me, "When you walk you find change but when I go I find bills." There in his hand was a $20.00 bill. I laughed and laughed bc he had gotten the vision I always share with him about God when I find change. What a Great God we serve!! lol

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Sandy..... said...

Thanks for visiting my blog again! God is in control. He is always there, and sometimes we just need a friendly reminder of that.

Sounds like you have so much to be thankful for! These CDs sound great, too. Something my hubby would like to see, I'm sure.