Friday, October 24, 2008

Oak Tag by Stacey

Sandy shared on her blog that Stacey is having a give-away. Check out her blog - that's one way to get to know more of the wonderful bloggers online.

And while checking out new bloggers in my world, but not necessarily new to blogging; Christy is a fantastic web designer, altered book artist and wonderful journaler.

Have a great day, I am off today and have many errands to get finished. (sigh) I would rather be reading or making art. Deadlines are looming and i need to get in to my art room.


Sandy..... said...

Thank you for posting the links and most of all thank you for your kind and encouraing comments.

Thank you for the faithful reminder to sit and rest and know that I did my best. I am in a women's foundation class and we are studying Genesis right now, too. Just as my post said...funny how things come full circle. God's plan is at work. Nothing is accidental.

I never saw the "woman" in my doodle, but you're right! I see her now!

Please know that your Godly love and your walk with Christ is not only a blessing, but an encouragment to all of "us".

Sherry said...

Hi Dove, I hope you had a wonderful day off and was able to make some time in your art room. Give Bear a hug and kiss for me. You know I dearly love those fur balls.