Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Black Cover Contest

I was reading Marie's blog post on journals. She had posted about the black cover contest.

BlackCover Blog ask you to post this or something to the effect:

Got a blog? Post an entry about our site with something concerning our search for “Moleskine alternatives” in the link text. You are welcome to state that the only reason you are doing this is for a contest. For example: “Check out this site which is dedicated to finding Moleskine alternatives. I’m shilling to win a contest, so please check them out!” The entry HAS to be dated today (October 14, 2008) or after. Send an email with your name, mailing address, and a link to the blog entry to This counts as two entrys.

Funny thing is this: I was just thinking and said to my hubby today I am almost finished my journal and will need another one. Its so cool when its like my thoughts and words go off into the air and end up coming back to me. I love it.

Anyway if you are in need of new journal maybe you will win one. Check out their blog.


zquilts said...

Hi !
Love your blog - and I pray that you will be a winner! Isn't synchronicity wonderful?! Thanks so much for stopping by - and best of all for leaving such a nice note for me!

Sandy..... said...

I don't mean to be a party crasher.... but...
It says the deadline to enter was the 14th.

morningDove said...

hey sandy: i think it says post on 14th or after up to deadline Oct 30th.