Thursday, October 23, 2008

Light Reading

I have had much time to reflect on what is really important to me. I'm not able to go upstairs and wrap my mind around another art project. I have two books that seem to keep compelling me to open the pages and dig deeper. Larry Julian's GOD IS MY CEO, following God's principles in a bottom-line world and FINDING GOD BEYOND HARVARD - The Quest for Veritas by Kelly Monroe Kullberg.

No matter how this election goes I know in my own conscience I must vote Pro-Life. That is the final and most important factor for me. Psalm 139 says it all - He knew you before you were in your mother's womb. I know what it is to grow up poor and I know what it is to live with a middle-class income and prosperity.

BUT do I know, really know, what it means to TRUST the ONE TRUE GOD for everything in my life.

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Barbara said...

yes ...its important to think about the most important things of our life...because sometimes we don't know what is important...
Kisses Barbara