Saturday, October 25, 2008

Care Package

OH Wanda sent this great care package and it arrived yesterday.
Thank you ever so much for my doll. I am definitely priviledged
to be blessed with her. Do you see the angel at the bottom?
And Wanda's kitties were so thoughtful; they sent Bear a goodie
package - a bag of treats. He was so excited and of course tore
right into the bacon strips. Well not really - I gave him only two.

And the skeleton straw - he is just the cutest thing. Even the
paper its wrapped in is great. I can use it to make some great ATCs.
I am so grateful for my dear friends that I have met online. The artists are caring, giving and so full of life - willing to encourage others.
Thank You Wanda


Sherry said...

Lucky you. Wanda is a sweetheart and pops in when you least expect it.

Jacq said...

I agree with Sherry, what a nice box of goodies.