Monday, October 13, 2008

Black/white Beautiful In His Sight

Our soul journal prompt is doodle. Kathryn gave suggestions and so
for once I followed - black/white, tree, adjectives, and patterns. I
started with the arch and added the tree. Then I divided the outside
with border lines. From there it just evolved. The words I chose:
"speak to me", "plain jane, plain jane", "dark, weird, scarey", "pathway
leading one way", "whack", "giving, living, loving", "what,where, when, who", "zip", "dove", "knock and it shall be open to you", and "the door
to life". Can you find them all? Eyes and faces and a bird. The only
color - a stain glass window. It pretty much sums up our lives - all the
pieces make a whole and I might add quite a beautiful piece. Even when
the pieces seem to be ugly, distressing, troubling, unsettling and hard to figure out it all makes since to the Creator and Maker of you and me.

Kathryn's prompts are very inspiring and I love her work. She puts so much of herself into each one. Have a great week soul sister. The door is open wide, enter and enjoy your life.


Christy said...

Dove it is lovely. It actually reminds me of a stain glass window.

Mar said...

this is a great page!
i like the door way path ...
i found all the messages...
and i liked the faces

nice work

Sandy..... said...

I absolutly love this! You did a great job!

morningDove said...

Christy I love stain glass. I've done one quilt stain glass.
Mar thanks for looking for all the phrases, funny faces huh.
Sandy thank you for looking.
On my way to you guys.

Fannie said...

Excellent, Dove. I feel like the piece is inviting me to add color. :-D

Great! Love your title too. So true.

lee said...

great work! very interesting jammed full of great stuff to look at and read ,yet with an overall tranquility!

KathrynAntyr said...

I'm all smiles this morning after reading your post and seeing your work. I love the stained glass touch and of course the dove at the top is a perfect element on your page. The faces make me smile. Thanks for playing!

Jacq said...

I really like the piece. The designs with black and white are great. Reminds me of thangles.

Reflections of life and art said...

Dove, this piece speaks volumes!
Love the hdden but yet very visable signs and wonders!

Jane B. said...

I really like the juxtaposition between the stained glass, and the black and white simplicity. I feel like there is a raw and colorful artist that is right on a breakthrough between the worlds. I look forward to more my friend.