Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wild Woman Finito

Wild woman finally has beaded bonnet. I tried painting the lace
black - yuck. So I followed Noel's lead and painted it reddish.
I like it. Now I think I will see what I can do with an ATC for
her. Actually she doesn't really look wild; does she? She's laying
on veggie/fruit fabric.

Psalm 91 Memorization

I'm on verse three -"For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper
and from the deadly pestilence." Psalm 91:3
Have you ever thought about a snare, or a hook, or a mine? They are all traps set
for different vermin. They are custom made to fit the animal sought after
And I thought it interesting that pestilence is a lethal disease that attacks people.
It seems the snare used by the enemy against me is "negative words". I am
so struggling with lies of the enemy. The people that deflate me the quickest - of course -
my family - the ones I love the most - the ones that know me better than anyone.
Today I called my hubby, something I never do, during a very busy time.
But he still made time to listen to my words through my sniveling.
When he came home on a break he made phone calls that I couldn't
seem to make and arranged to drop the truck off at our mechanic.
Then he headed back to work for a long night. I feel really bad that
I bugged him with this stuff. Why couldn't I do it myself?
Total melt-down.


Sherry said...

Love the Wild Woman! She's excellent. No fear Dove. You are always seeking help from the one that can help. You see, hubby was there to help; directed by the one in which you seek your help. Love is an amazing thing and you are surrounded by love.

Reflections of life and art said...

Dove, my heart goes out to you for the hurt you felt today. Sometimes growth in the Lord is slow and does hurt but He's always there to help you just as your hubby was there to help you today! I hope this came out right...:)

Your "Wild" woman looks great. Your art is developing is so many different interesing ways....thank you for sharing.

Love & Hugs,