Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Old LP Records

While at my local library I was browsing the Friends section
again and came across old LP records. I bought this one for
.25c because I loved the cover. Actually I loved the ladies
dress. Anyone have an old record player? Gone digital. I
may end up altering the record. who knows where i will go
with this.


Sandy..... said...

That's so funny! I just found some old albums myself. You know ...those "special" ones you just can't part with... and my 11 year old son wanted to know, "What IS that?"
My, how the times have changed!

Mar said...

funny sandy!...dating ourselves aren't we
actually you can do a lot with old records
you can place them in the oven over a form and mold them into shapes
and use them as decorations or even lampshades
altering them will be intersting too

while you are deicing what yyou might do
come by my blog tho
i have something for you...you probably have one
but you can't have too many admirers

Sherry said...

Cool find Dove.

Jacq said...

I found a few old records in one of my closet. (Beatles) My granddaughter wanted to know what they were. You can buy frames for albums and hang them on the wall. They make great art.