Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Knot Your Mom's Slippers

Monday I received a beautiful pair of handmade slippers in the mail. I
just love the colors - turquoise blue and chocolate. Leilani made them
and sent them as a "get well" gift bc of my doggie's surgeries.

She has the most adorable babies. She is a new mommy with a gorgeous,
and personable little angel girl. Thank You so much Leilani. My tootsies
tend to get cold on the wooden floors. They feel great.

I like this quote from - Marc Chagall (1887 - 1985)

"Your vision will become clear
Only when you look into your
own heart.
He who looks outside dreams.
He who looks inside
I feel like I've been in a dream-state for some time now. While dreaming is good I do want to live in the real and now. I'm looking inside and the feeling is "empty." Probably all this
is brought on this morning bc my dog was standing up and just fell over. It scared me and stunned me at the same time. I called the vet and she said the morphine-type drug needs to be cut back. My dog probably became so relaxed that he just fell over. Thank God he fell over on the good leg and not the healing leg.
Well today is a new day and a day to be lived in the fullest. I think I will take a shower and spend some time thanking God for all He has given to me. Keep praying for my oldest son
he still is looking for a job. His music is going great. He was headed back to the beach to meet with a radio person. As he was going out the door last night he just kind of slide that comment out. I need to check and see if he is making contact to take another step with his music.
At 12:30am my middle son was finishing up his shift and called to ask if we were still up. Oh I was sleeping so good and his dad had long since retired to bed. But he was excited to bring a gift to his dad. The police dept have these beautiful collector medallions and he had purchased one for his dad. On the back the statement made: Protection and Prevention through Professionalism.
Give the gift of yourself to someone today through a little smile, a kind word or a simple gesture like opening the door for someone.

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Sherry said...

Great Slippers Dove. Take some time to yourself and have a great day.