Friday, February 29, 2008

Monkey Shine

Monkey Shine

Hailey, my young artist friend from CA, was sent this
felt and needle-felted monkey. I loved working on this postcard for her. I hope she likes the monkey. I mailed it today - Leap Year Day.

I also mailed another painting I did using the wax resist method. The painting was for The Latest Trend CS workshop.
I love learning new techniques and am getting better
about trying new things. Even if something doesn't turn
out the way I wanted it to I am learning to either cut it
up and use it on something else or paint over it and start
a new. How is that for letting go and having fun?

Happy Leap Year Day & Color Perspective

Shirley Heights, Antigua
I had signed up ions ago when first joining Surface Design for a one-on-one swap for a Color Perspective JP. Annette from UK has been sent
this pic I did from a Caribbean cruise my hubby and I did last Dec. My version is taken from the
island of Antigua, Shirley Heights. Here is where
Eric Clapton has a compound for a home jutting
out on a point. The island was beautiful.
I hope Annette likes my color perspective journal page. It is 6x6". This is the very first one I have ever attempted to do. I used neocolor wax pastels and felt on canvas. Then I did free motion thread work.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You, my younget son, Happy Birthday to you.
Well it was 20 years ago at 6:20am I gave a quick birth to my last baby. Today he is a strapping, healthy 6'3". And he is a blessing to his dad and me. I am saddened that I never
had any more after him. But I have been blessed with three wonderful sons.

and to debmck on FAT a wonderful Happy Birthday too.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Girlie Pink & God Is Faithful

God Is Faithful
More Man Droppings
On one of my walks I found a few coins and this perfectly in-tact car license frame. I was not going to pick that thing up but I felt a nudging
to go back, pick it up and begin to pray for a car. Boy! my son's truck is about shot, he would love a new vehicle. And my youngest wants to sell his motorcycle and buy himself a car. He has wisdom for being so young.
So my prayers will include a vehicle. What will God do through my prayers I don't know but I will begin and see how He directs and leads me to pray. Hey it may be that I am praying for someone else's car. You never know what God is going to do. But the excitment of watching God move on this crazy world is wonderful. He loves us so much bc He created us for His good pleasure. Have a Great Day!!

Girlie Pink
Here is the front of the ATC I posted yesterday.
It is a folded ATC I made for Artist's Circle.
The month of February we concentrated
each week making different kinds of ATCs.
Week 2 we were suppose to make folded
ATCs. So I finally made one. It was named
"Odd Man Out" bc when you open it, the
center has two flower petals that do not
match the flower, and they have pulled away. Sometimes you just
feel you are marching to a different drummer and don't fit in anywhere.

Last night I was reminded again of the chapter in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 13: Love Is.....
Men see things so differently than women, but isn't that how God created us.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Odd Man Out

Here is a pink/gray duct tape ATC. It was made to be pure fun. I bought the pink duct tape the other day when I was buying more painter's tape to work on my son's home. Too many projects going on.
It has tea bag paper fold flowers. It was a workshop challenge on The Artist's Circle.

Monday, February 25, 2008

More Monkey Business

I am going to post this pic in hopes that
Hailey won't see it until it reaches her
this week in the mail to CA. Her challenge
was very enjoyable.
I used neocolor wax pastels on canvas
for this postcard. "Let's Hang Out" was
an inspiration I came up with after seeing
a monkey in an advertisement for stamping.
I thought the saying "Two 'tales' are better
than one" was cute to go along with the two
monkeys hanging out.
On the back I put a blue fused thread down
with a monkey tail as a postcard divider.
I have already made another monkey card to mail to Hailey
next week. Not sure how many I will be inspired to make and send to her. What's next Hailey?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Its a Mystery and a Buzz-y Day

Bridal Shower

Now I know what a group of bees feel like buzzing around all day making a bees nest!
Today my DIL-to-be had her bridal shower. I made a little flat angel doll with a daisey flower head and put her head as the center of the flower. I used daisey fabric she had picked out as the dress. But I forgot to take a pic of it in all of my hurriedness. Maybe I will get it back from her and take a pic later to post.

My hubby is busy with three projects at son's new home. Pulling out all the downstairs bathroom, painting everything and yard work. Wow we are busy!!

I did receive my mystery trade from Lori. And here is a pic.
Her crazy stitching is very beautiful. Its a gorgeous little purse. The black/white lining is just as sweet. Thank you Lori.

I can see life will never be the same. My home was filled with company today.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fishey Monkey Business

Here is a fish made out of coffee filters.
Penny from Northumberland County
made it. I met Penny last year after I
invited a group of ladies to come to
our guild. She is very creative.
And her dolls and actually all her work
is so amazing. She had me over to her
home with a group of ladies and we
spent the day dying fabric.

In Latest Trends workshop I am working on wax resist. So I
decided to try this with white crayon and acrylic paint. An old kindergarten technique I think. This is a planned drawing for a young artist in CA. She loves monkeys. Remember the game A Barrel of Monkeys. I made this from teenage memory playing this with a child that I babysat. This was very freeing and lots of fun.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Class, Life Lessons

Linda Cantrell begins the class.
First step, let me give you some direction.
And a few tips on glue.

My first attempt at finding the right fabric for my chair. Placing the
freezer paper just so, and oh no, that's wrong. No wonder it won't
stick. Ok backup and begin again.

By the end of the day-long class I had accomplished only this.
But, hey, at least I was able to stay through almost the entire class. I picked the background fabric for my wall. I finished my chair, and two pieces of body parts. Did you know you can order
your body parts according to what you want to look like?
Boy don't you wish it were that easy!! lol
And I began work on my top, orange of course! I feel good about what I learned in class. I will attempt to finish this piece by
next Saturday for show-n-tell in my guild. One other new member to our guild took this class too. That's all for that class. More on after the class tomorrow.

He Loves Me

First things first. I want to thank God today for giving my son a home. And whatever do you think He is doing placing him and his new wife right beside his father and mother. I don't know, but then I won't play God. I will just say "thank you". My oldest son has adjusted in VaBeach and loves the church he attends. He is working on writing new songs and recording them. He called me yesterday after I had finished my class. And I am thankful for God directing him back to His love and guidance. My youngest has a birthday next week and he had a friend stop by yesterday that needed comforting. He is such a sweety. And hubby will transition to a new job attached with same company in March. He thought he would have until April, but the truth be known he doesn't handle change very well. God knows exactly what we have need of. Even when it looks strange and like a puzzle with missing pieces.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Off To Quilt Class

and when I return home I will have a new neighbor. My son closes on the house next door.
I'm actually not feeling good. So we will see how far I get in class. Sometimes I get major headaches that move into my eyes. The weather is changing and it 25 degrees this morning. That may be some of my headache. No matter, when it comes I shut down. See you at the end of the day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008



Sorry about the glare. I felt the need to post this pic I took from my old family Bible my mom gave to me. Once she and I were talking about what was really important in life, dying and what to do with estate. I told her the only thing I ever wanted was the family Bible. So she said, "If you want it, take it now." That has been years ago. I was looking through it the other day and I am sorry to say the binding has split down the middle. It sits by my night stand. This "Though" script is on one of the pages. I would love to recreate it in fabric. The Bible contains family birth, wedding and death dates. But it also contains one of the three pictures I have of my dad, who I never knew.

Two days ago a conversation God and I was having had to do with "If I ask you to sit on your hands what would you do?" Oh, I thought about that long and hard, and quite honestly have not stopped thinking about that question. I pondered how I would do my art and bathe and do many things I take for granted. Then I began to think of all the disabled people in the world and how they struggle to survive everyday. That reminded me of Joni and her story I read when I was younger.

I wonder what kind of art I could produce with my teeth or toes holding a brush? How frustrated would I become, would I have the strength to continue to pursue my passion OR would I let it die? I am grateful for all God has given me and the abilities He has given me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Create Angel

I thought I would post a pic of Heather's second
angel sent to me. If you remember in my earlier
posts I found the first little angel over at my
neighbor's home, but she has since moved on
to live with DebMarie from FAT. Heather is
a wonderful artist from Scotland. Look at all the
detail in my little angel ATC. She is only 2 1/2 x 3 1/2.
Heather's creativity extends to the back of the ATC too.
The little hanger is wire on a button, so it closes and opens.
Heather finishes her work right down to the last detail. I
love my little angel bc she was made especially for me.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tea,Roses and Lace

This all began by painting with colors I'm not
familiar with. Pink and purple. I gave myself
permission to use "girlie" colors. It took me back to a time I actually wore a bright pink suit
for Easter and went to Sunrise Service under the
Natural Bridge. Oh boy! Another therapeutic
moment. I am allowing myself to feel "being a girl".
Here are the three FPCs to be traded on FAT "Tea, Roses and Lace" with JanB.
They are way out of my element and comfort zone. But I did them and am proud to have achieved something new.

Neocolor wax pastel background for bottom two.
One is very victorian, one I actually used the silk tea bag from B&N peppermint tea. One I used vintage hankie cut up.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hailey's Monkey Challenge

I love a good challenge and that is what I have received from Hailey in CA. I posted about Hailey and her special card to me for Valentine's day. Now for the "monkey" challenge.

Hailey loves monkeys. She loves to make smoothies most but she also likes to bake cakes, cookies and anything that involves chocolate. Now here is a young lady after my own heart.
She has an idea for a PC trade with monkeys. I am taking her challenge.

If anyone else would like to surprise Hailey with a monkey PC card let me know. I will make a card to send to you and she will receive a few surprises but not have to make more. Anybody up for my challenge? leave a comment on this post and I will get back to you.

My Irish Eyes - ATP

Shamrock, blarney, luck-o-th'-Irish, Green, Green and more Green. It's such a "natur-al" color. Carmen is hosting a "Wearing O' The Green" ATP on FAT. Here are two of mine so far. The little bear was suppose to have velcro hands to give a closed hug and open up. I'm not sure if I will do that. My "Irish Eyes" is colored with neocolor wax pastels. Then I placed fibers in her hands and ran them around the edge for a little more finished look. I just realized I bared her shoulder where her hand is by coloring flesh tone. Ooops, I'm bad. The words are on a little silk sticker I got from my hubby's police paraphenalia when he retired. (left overs come from everywhere).

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Younger Generation of Artists

Hailey's Art
Bugs and Kisses

I love it when the generation transfers begin to happen. There are some great young artists out there beginning to make their mark on creating and Art. One of those is Hailey from CA. Her mom is a mixed-media artist and it seems her love for art has passed on to Hailey.

Hailey loves to cook. Her favorite color is blue. Hailey is twelve years old. Here is one of her fabric postcard creations for St. Valentine's Day.
Look at the detail, selection and placement of pieces on the card. Hailey did a fantastic job. I received her card in the mail as a special treat.
Thank you Hailey for your thoughtfulness. I love your studio too. lol, mine was my dining room table.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Today has been a frustrating day. NO ART!!! I spent the day on the phone trying to work out kinks for my son's house closing. I feel like I wasted the entire day, except for after 5pm when my hubby and I took a ride back to his home place. I still miss his dad, the only man I called dad, my FIL. I did stop by the book store and purchase a magazine, The Writer and book, 101 Ways To Make A Difference Today.

Ok I had to repent before God for not allowing Him to work things out for me today. It definitely was not a day I would have picked. And I had an appointment at 1pm but was pushing to get there and when I arrived, I arrived in frustration. Oh Boy! Now God has my attention. Not my will but His.
But I must admit while at the book store I did sit and browse through some wonderful art/mixed-media books/magazines. More eye candy. Have you seen the magazine "Artful Blogging". There are some great blogs in there.
My 1pm appointment - a haircut. I do feel much lighter with the shaping and styling of my hair. I never take time for myself like that. But while I was at it I did make another haircut/style appointment for the day my son gets married. Nothing fancy, just a plain cut, be myself.
So much happening for this son, new job, new home, new wife, new life, his new wife's new job.
And his new home - well let's just say I will have a new neighbor!! lol

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

St. Valentine's Day

He was an amazing priest. He stood for marriage, one man to one woman, against his government. And the end result - decapitation. I heard the story of him last night on the tv.

Wonder if I could stand for my faith to that degree?

Found Postcards - Soon-To-Be ART
I had tucked away some old postcards in my family Bible. I love the old stamps on them.

I want to use them in fabric postcards or to make ATCs.
I love the notes on the back; one is written by a little girl to her granny. And one gentleman requested a newspaper subscription be canceled.
I will have to post pics after I finish.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ATCs CyberFyber Trade


I've been working on ATCs. They are small 2 1/2 by 3 1/2/ trading cards. But they take just as much time as a big project. Fannie shared a site by Susan Lenz, CyberFyberTrade. So I ask
to trade an ATC with her. My fiber felted egg will be mailed to her and I will receive one of her ATCs. I love the way the roving felted.
I also made two eggs for the Anything But Square trade. This roving is so yummy and as the saying
goes "melts like butter". It is so wonderful to work with. I plan on doing more of these.
Wouldn't they make a wonderful Easter card for
friends and family? You can't see the glimmer of
the beads but they just added the finishing touches to the postcards. I think I will explore the faberge egg. Here is an interesting site about Faberge, and history of the faberge egg. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am working on my Surface Design - Anything But Square
postcards. I have two more to do. I can't wait to finish
them and post the pics here. I surprised myself with the
shape. Here are two postcards I received yesterday.
The heart is from Debby - it has a beautiful red batik
background fabric and confetti hearts fill the globe. And all
the rage lately with Red Hat Society - I now have a gorgeous
red hat embellished with red flowers and feathers from Joan.


.... and when ye do ask, ye ask amiss. Oh boy!! Here is another part of that scripture.
So my desire is this:
Give me Your Heart God so that I won't ask amiss.
Last night hubby and I went to Cracker Barrel to eat. That little basket was sitting in
front on the top shelf again. There were only 4 stones left and underneath 3 of them
was a stone "ASK". Wow! Ok God you are confirming to me that I have heard you
correct and I need to be on the same wavelength with You. I laughed as I asked my
hubby to buy this inspiration stone for me. Because, of course, I had to tell him my
conversation with God and what He has been impressing on me. Where am I going?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Coins - God's Promise

Found Objects - Coins In Keeping With God's Promise

I did not want to walk my dog in this cold weather but he persevered. And to my good fortune I might add. Yesterday and today I found coins and a few interesting objects. The only thing left to find in silverware would be the fork. lol.

God and I have been having a conversation. Yesterday I began to reflect on my "style" or lack thereof. I began to ponder this one thing: What is my signature? If I could have only one signature of who I am what would it be? Actually I have been pondering quite a few things. I realize I need a label for my creations, too.

Yesterday God began speaking to me through the scripture: You have not because you ask not. Ouchy! I felt like He stepped on my toes. Was that a belief issue? or a lack of trust in Him? I'm not sure where this is all going but I will keep following Him where He leads me.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who Gets The Credit?

I worked on ATCs yesterday. One I particularly love is called "ChaRee Beauty". I have been studying hieroglyphs and love the details in the Egyptian's sarcophagus (mummy).
ChaRee is simply done with neocolor wax pastels and one lonely little "eye" crystal. I layered and layered color until I got the distressed look. All the symbols are very personal to me. I will continue to use them in my pieces. I explored my personal symbols in Celebrate Your Creative Self.
The ATC's workshop on Artist's Circle is challenging me to go deeper. It has been a struggle to say the least. But Sherre is great about critiquing your work, if you would like her too. I had some
great suggestions on my last three from several people in the group.
Now to see if I can apply their advice to the ATCs and add more depth. I enjoyed my creative day yesterday.
I also worked on a "beaded" FAT flat fiber doll along the Egyptian theme also. If you want to call it beading. FAT has some amazing beaders and I will be hard pressed to show and trade the doll. But I must begin somewhere. Beading is hard work, but I can only perfect what I practice on.
Here's to getting better.
The Creative Life by Alice Bass
Do you ever really look at the acknowledgments in a book? In Creative Life Alice Bass uses the example of a one-woman show she watched on TV to acknowledge all the people that helped her get the book published. Like many of us we relate to the person/s we see up front and don't give to much thought to behind the scenes.
Here's a question for you?
If God is behind the scenes in each one of our lives;
and I believe He is but for those of you still struggling with this belief if He is;
how much credit do you give Him?
What do the Credits in your life look like;
me, me, me and no one else
I would like to thank first and foremost God,
the greatest Creator of All.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Creative Life

Betty Boop Car - Hot Pink w/ A Touch of Blue

I could not resist posting another pic of BettyBoop car. Don't you just love the fact that they tatooed her too. The pink rose on the window is a girly touch and if you could see the pink dice on the mirror they would bring you laughter too.

There's just something about this car that brings me joy. I wonder if the artist that painted her felt the joy and excitement when he was working on her?

Today I begin a study on "The Creative Life", a book I have had since 2005 that I keep going back to over and over again. It's by Alice Bass.
I wrote this inside the cover, can't remember where I read it, maybe in this book

"Everything we need is in a seed"
Every day I have the opportunity to offer something of myself, my ideas, my perspective, the work of my hands. And every day I take in the offerings of others. Creativity is a big part of my life. This book helps me and you to explore God's design for our creative life.
I will begin to explore my imagination (Image-i-nation; another place to live) and establish an environment for my creativity.
May the words on my lips and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, Oh God!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Betty Boop For Sale

I could not resist taking the pictures of this hot pink classic, Betty Boop. She is a beauty and for sale. One of the groupies goes by betty boop online. i took a pic to send to her. This is not my car and I don't know the seller, but hey maybe one of you need a classic pink to express your femininity.

40 days In God's Presence

Well God did some amazing things for me this past 40 days. Spending time in God's presence is not as hard as you might think. When you begin to acknowledge Him you just find yourself in His presence. But sometimes there is a depth that occurs and you finally "get it." It is whatever you might be searching for, looking to do, or finally understanding a scripture.

I am so grateful for God wanting to spend time with me. As a matter of fact I know He desires it more than we realize it. He just reaffirmed to me that in the body of Christ we all need one another. Everybody has something to offer and when that thing or that person is missing we are not whole. I don't know about you but I want to be whole and complete. So I say thank you to the ones that have commented on my blog and been encouraged by it bc you sure have encouraged me and given me strength when I felt so weak.

Get Down To Business

My B&N peppermint tea with Noel's coffee cuff. Oh so yummy!!

Yesterday I actually was showing my collage to a person and they asked me why I had not started a business. They went on to say that if and when I did they would help back me financially. What are you waiting for, you might say? God's timing!! I can feel somethings happening and they feel like they are just around the corner getting ready to burst out. Its sort of like Spring when all the crocuses and daffodils begin to pop out. You see the new growth and the beauty all around you. And you want to be Spring, you want to be the new growth, the New Beginning.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The God We Applaud

Day 40 - The God We Applaud
Just about everything we do has to have a "password." I like how the message Bible described Psalm 100:1,4
On your feet now - applaud God!
Enter with the password: "Thank You!"
Thank Him. Worship Him.
Well super bowl was this past Sunday and I bet everyone was whooping and hollering for their team. I don't pay any attention to it honestly. I'm not a fan of much in sports, except when my son watches Manchester United on the soccer channel.
Can you imagine if every Christian was as excited about worshipping God as people are about the super bowl? Wow the volume that would be heard in Heavn would probably shatter the sound barrier. One day King David was not very dignified according to his wife. But he was praising God, leading a processional bringing the ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem. For him this was something to shout and dance about. I love dancing before the Lord and praising him, but I also worship him in so many other ways.
The truth is the way each of us may choose to rejoice in the Lord will be different because we are not cookie-cutter Christians. God made each of special and unique. Let the Spirit of God within you stir you to praise the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Praise him! I love hearing my family play their instruments to praise God.
It doesn't matter how you express your joy as much as that you do it. God knows our hearts. And He loves to see his children rejoice in Him. Its not for us anyway, its for Him.

Noel's Gift Box

The gift I won on Noel's site arrived yesterday.

Her decorated box full of great treasures is
posted here. The gift box would have been
a perfect gift by itself. The most beautiful

icicle doll was in there. Her dark rich color and glitz and glitter were superb. Noel made the face and she is a delight to look upon. Just gorgeous. There was cherry fabric and bright fabric. Which of course I love. H20's were packed in this goodie box. I had wanted to try some as I had heard so much about them. Now I get to play. She enclosed a doll form for me to use my imagination and finish. What a great challenge. There is a beautiful domino. I have never received a decorated domino. But her "love" trinket would be great on an album for my son's wedding. The buttons in the goodie box were beautiful and it even had an orange one. My favorite color. But most interesting was the tea/coffee cozy. I had just expressed to my hubby I was going to have to make me one and guess what was in the box as part of my gift. I don't have to make one. I can't wait to go to Barnes & Noble. My hubby buys me a peppermint tea to sip while we enjoy books together. Now yesterday was a great day. But Noel's box made it extra special for me.

The Seeker and The Nasty One

The Seeker
I finished reading Sherry's blog and she was accepted into Virginia Spiegel's Collage Mania for the American Cancer Society too. She inspired me to continue seeking God daily. Her piece on taking the time to do breast self-examination is a very powerful piece. Check her blog out.

The Nasty One
Here is a pondering question for you? What do you do with "the nasty one"? When you're in a group online and there is one with an attitude how do you handle that one? It's your perception that this one has been hurt in the past and seems to be "cutting". And cutting to everyone and any topic. Always answers with what seems to be a curt, short, attitude. How do "You" handle that one? Do you ignore them, let it go on and begin to lurk, do you leave the group, do you "fire" back? What do you do?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Good Shepherd

Day 39 The Good Shepherd from Yesterday

I love the illustration of the shepherd tending his flock and at the end of day he realizes one did not come into the sheepfold. He leaves the 99 and goes out to look for the one wayward sheep. I have to chuckle as I remember the wayward angel from Heather in Scotland. That little precious girl had been sitting at my neighbor's home all along. After being led to help my neighbor out with running errands, I found she had taken her in, wondering who had sent her this package. Now she resides with DebMarie in the mid-west.

How many of us would venture out in the middle of the night to find that one lost sheep?
But that is how God feels about all His children. He sent Jesus to secure our permanency in the sheepfold. Jesus said, "I give them eternal life. No one can snatch them out of my Father's hand!" John 10:28

I find it interesting that a sheep know it's shepherd's voice and will go to him alone. I pray that I would know the voice of God that easily. But there are times I go astray and have to be led back into the sheepfold with the staff and sometimes the rod.

Jesus is the Gate to the sheepfold of God's eternity in Heaven.

I'll post Day 40 later, I feel I need to let it germinate into my day for now.


Here is another series of "irises". This
group evolved through the artistic ability of Joyce, the owner of Quilting Adventures. I am thinking of my theme for this study. Several themes come to mind and two are "cars" and "bridges." Although I am not sure why these two topics have popped up. One could be fun and the other I don't think its time yet. Maybe a series will follow with the latter one after I finish the study.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

When It Rains I'll...

This is a 2-squares star I did for the Anything But Square trade.
I honestly was not thinking about it but I guess its kind of
a pun on the square when you put two squares together
they make the shape of a Star of David. I appliqued this
little girl over a year ago but could never find the right
thing to put her on. I love the glittery rain fabric for
the background. After I stitched around the two squares
and joined them together I placed a yoyo in the right hand
corner to symbolize the sun. The bead in the middle was
made with batting and angelina. Oh my it stunk when I
used a heat gun on it. Now I know what they mean about
fumes from products you apply heat to and you definitely
want a well ventilated room or to do it outside. I hope
the recipient of this little star likes her. After typing this I
am reminded of a saying I heard as a child growing up: "When the sun is shining and its raining the devil is beating his wife." I never could figure out what that meant. Any ideas!!

I am working hard to finish commitments and UFO's I have had in my room. They were stuffed away under, in and who-knows-where. I am working on my sewing room since my son moved out. I get the spare bedroom back to use for my room. Or as Noelene called it "Dove's Nest". Boy I sure hope I can lay a few golden eggs, if you know what I mean. Have a great day and "Create something for 2008."

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Master - Art Quilt Study

Art Quilt Study Workbook
lesson 1

Here are examples from Kathleen working with a theme "Cat" in a series. You can see how she evolved in her artistic ability. First, there was the traditional-type quilt, second she explored a little more with angelina and adding a boa-tail. The third one is definitely her - a hand-painted face with radiating mane of beads for her cat. There is nothing wrong with either quilt but as she progressed she found her personal style.

Kathleen discussed the Visual Elements of Design:
color, line direction, line, shape, size, value and texture.
This quilt was hanging in the studio area where we were. How many visual elements do you see in this quilt?
She introduced us to Visual Principles of Design:
balance, harmony, variety, emphasis, movement,
proportion and space.
This symmetrical balanced quilt has definite rhythm and movement. Wouldn't you say so? Visual elements and visual principles are what I will be working on through the class.

Many students really began to panic when she metioned
we would be "drawing" in the class. We did contour line
drawing (drawing the outline of an object). It was about
developing the skill of observation.

Day 38 - 40 days - In God's Presence
The God of Second Chances

Also on that day, The Master for the second time will reach out to bring
back what's left of his scattered people. .. In the end there'll
be a highway all the way from Assyria, easy traveling
for what's left of God's people.
Isaiah 11:11,16

How many chances do we give our own children children when we need to bring them back through correction. We have spoken and spoken until we are blue in the face (as the saying g0es) and still they refuse to obey us. God is also a God of second chances. He does not keep his anger forever; he is just and brings discipline always at the right moment. But whoever likes discipline. We want to go our own way, do our own things and then many times blame God for the mess we have made of our lives.

I am so glad He is the God of second chances and many more chances in some cases.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Gift That Lasts

ART Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

On my cruise this time I took many pics of textured items. What does this look like to you? Its a little blurry but I think I did pretty good considering the bus was moving as I flicked my camera going by this wall overstop stores. I wonder what I can create to capture the design of the columns? Chicken wire was behind the wall and I had not noticed that when I took the pic. My class begins using the Art Quilt Workbook today. Once a month we will work through a chapter in the book. Just reading the first chapter has helped me tremendously. Plus my sketchbook I bought right after Christmas is so much fun and I can find everything in one book. Hurray for me - organization! Stay tuned as I break out into a whole new arena in my artistic abilities.

Day 37 - The Gift That Lasts
Luke 2:10,11

I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.
Today in the town of David a Savior
has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.

More wonderful than a gift itself is the love and sacrifice behind it many times.
Can you remember when your child/ren were little and sacrificed time to make you
something that hung on your refrigerator or an art piece (the clay bowl so out of shape)
that they painstakingly produced with care and perfection to present to you?
I remember and still have some of those pieces from each one of my sons.
Those were the "Kodak moments". And unfortunately were not captured in film,
video or pictures anywhere. But I still remember.

The greatest gift I ever received was when I was 12 years old and I accepted the
greatest gift that could ever be given. Jesus' love for me and knowing He died on
the cross for me to set me free and to someday live in eternity with Him.
I can't ask for a better gift than that. He sacrificed his own life to give me eternal life.

As the years have passed by that gift has grown more sweeter every day.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

High Hills or High Heels

Day 36 - In God's Presence - The God of High Hills

Habakkuk prophesied during a hard time in Judah's existence. In Habakkuk's nation he saw injustice, pride, violence and evil. Where was God in all that? Habakkuk was having a very hard time trying to figure out why God would allow bad things to happen to Godly people.
And then I think his perspective changed! He moved to a higher hill, a different vision with eyes to see God in the midst of everything. And he wrote:

Though the fig tree may not bloom,
Nor Fruit be on the vines,
Though the labor of the olive may fail,
And the fields yield no food;
Though the flock may be cut off from the fold,
And there be no herd in the stalls-
Yet I will rejoice in the Lord,
I will joy in the God of my salvation.

The Lord is my strength; He will make my feet like hind's feet,
And He will make me walk on my high hills.
Habakkuk 3: 17-19

Here is today's version of that scripture for America written by Rebecca Jordan.

"Though we are hit with the world's worst famine and all the crops fail and our animals die, though Wall Street collapses, and our economy hits the blackest depression its ever known, and we lose everything, even in this, I will find joy in the Lord. I choose to be joyful."

Have you walked on any high heels lately? Ever watch a woman walk in the super high heels. Last time I went on a cruise I wanted to walk in a pair of those stilettos (steel toes for women), I believe that's what the super high heels are called. Well, I don't usually wear them, but the Brazilan women love them and there seems to be something that elongates their legs and makes you take notice of them.

I practiced walking in my newly purchased high heels around my house and you know something. I seem to walk a little taller, meaning my attitude changed. My posture changed along with my attitude.
Even stretching standing on your heels and toes makes your posture change.

My point in all this: when we stand looking and view situations differently: meaning through God's eyes, our attitude and posture changes.

So will that be high hills or high heels?? God can use whatever, whenever to get our attention.
He wants us to stand in Him and on Him and nothing else.
Now where are those high heels? I think I need another lesson on standing!! It reminds me of when I was a little girl and would sneak into my mom's wardrobe and put on her high heels and prance around the house pretending to be all grownup.

ART and BEAUTY all around us
Have you ever looked through this magazine. It is the most refreshing and inspiring magazine about living a creative life.
You can purchase it at Book-a-Million and cost $6.99 on the newstand or like me you can get a subscription and enjoy the quarterly mag all year long. This issue has a story called "Flights of Fancy" and the most beautiful, real, little winged sprite pictured. How do those photograhers do that? Truly the photographs and stories and even the advertisements are beautiful, absolutely beautiful. And there is an article titled "The Painting Pilgrimage" by Jennifer Sperry on an artist's retreat in Carmel-by-the-Sea in California. I want to go there!! And another story of "The Art of Travel" on Mari Le Glatin Keis. Oh!! You just have to buy the magazine.
It is wonderful, exhilarating and inspiring. I already said that, but I mean it. I love this magazine.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Hailey's Heart

Hailey's Heart is to receive mail. I remember at the age of 12 wanting to receive mail with my name on it. There was a deep longing to be able to open a piece of mail with "my" name on it.
Why was that?!? I'm not sure but I have enjoyed receiving trades through FAT. The very first one I received I wept like a baby because I remembered that moment as a child wanting to get
something in the mail that was mine. I hope Hailey enjoys receiving this little heart card.

Test of Faith

Day 35: 40 Days In God's Presence
The God Who Lives Among Us
The question for today is:
What has been your greatest test of faith?