Monday, March 31, 2008

Lone Shark

There's a story in the Bible about Zaccheus. His song goes like this:

Zaccheus was a wee little man, a wee little man was he.
He climbed up in the sycamore tree for Jesus he wanted to see.
As Jesus passed by that day he looked up and saw Zaccheus in the tree and said,
"Zaccheus, come down out of that tree for I am going to your house today. For I'm going to your house to stay."
Zaccheus was a tax collector and hated by all. He loved to cheat the people when he collected the government's taxes. But on this particular day after Jesus dined at his home it says he came to know Jesus and so did his entire family. After his conversion he wanted to pay back all he had stolen from, but more than what he took. Obviously he had become rich from illegal taxes.
On my cruise last year I took a picture of this handmade shark. I would say he looks like a lone shark or is that loan shark. Pretty veracious. Glad he is not a person.
And all this to say I am off to see my accountant to take care of taxes. Finally I am finished for the past year's taxes. Until next time. I will be out this morning taking care of business.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blessings Beyond Measure

My camera is not working right so it is not letting me upload anything to the computer right now. I had to scan this beautiful t-shirt with Sherry's butterfly embroidery on it. What a great gift and I can't wait to wear it. As a matter of fact my hubby surprised me on Friday and told me he has scheduled another cruise in December for our anniversary. He loves the Caribbean. So I think this t-shirt will be visiting the Caribbean. Since I can't be negative I will say I am concerned about flying into JFK on our return trip home. Winters can be ugly in NY. I will pray for great weather then. Thank you Sherry in NC for my beautiful gift. May God bless the work of your hands.

Thought Life
"For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Proverbs 23:7

I think I have been missing something - just how powerful our thought life is. Through the process of praising God in every situation He is also dealing with me on my thoughts before I speak them as soon as they pop into my head. There is a scripture that says "Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ." 2Corinthians 10:5
I'm afraid I have not been doing that. When you dwell on those thoughts they become actions. For me actions are about attitudes. An attitude is an action for me. I pray all those deep-seated negative attitudes would leave and as I continue to praise God I know they have too.
Here is an example of the impressions from God:
Friday I was really thinking and praying for a lady we met on our cruise a year ago in May. We had taken my MIL on this cruise.
On Friday my hubby told me he had booked another cruise for Dec to celebrate our anniversary. So I was thinking of Opal even more. I could not get her off my mind. I was especially praying for her health. Not sure why?
Saturday my hubby took me to the beach and AC Moore to shop. When we returned home I had a phone message from this very lady. Wow! God had gotten my attention. She expressed that she had been dealing with a health issue - melanomas. Wow!! NOW God definitely had my attention.
How many times is my mind cluttered with "junk" thoughts, ones that do not please the Lord and waste my time. I desire to learn quickly to release those so my thoughts can be found pleasing to the Lord. Praise Him in ALL things. It's a choice - Praise Him in all things.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Praise Him Anyway

Praise In The Storm

My friend and I have been struggling with situations we are praying through. Most important we are learning to praise God anyway, anyday. Pray without Ceasing. You know I am finding this very hard and not to find a negative word on my lips or even in my mind is tough. BUT I am learning to Praise.

Another important thing I am learning is to listen to God. The past several days I have been very impressed to continue in prayer for my oldest son. I knew in my spirit he was struggling and struggling big time. Last night he called me and we had a wonderful conversation about praising God no matter what. He led the conversation and I didn't say anything to him until the end. Seems he is in the same place where I am - Praising God in every situation. He shared some amazing answers to prayer for himself and others he has been encouraging. He told me the only way he has been staying on course and making it through was by soaking in the Word of God every night and studying God's Word. At 24 he has a tough bunch of guys he works with that speak vulgar about women and in very nasty, degrading ways. It's tough to stay pure and not fall into even laughing with the men in their course joking and jesting. His phone call was such an encouragement to me.

Beyond his prayer: God answered his desire to be a part of the praise team at church - Beyond what my son could ask or imagine - a phone call came to ask if he would be part of Sunday's praise team as a lead singer. Wow! double wow!


What fun this past week has been on FAT though. A new beginning for technique week. Michelle did a great job of sharing her pendant making with us. Wow! so much fun and such easy directions to follow. Here is my finished leaf pendant. The pic does not do the color justice. I may try to take one this morning outside to see if I can capture the real color. Anyway, thank you so much Michelle for this wonderful lesson. A lesson I learned: don't quit, keep going until the end, you may surprise yourself with the end result.

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Basket Is Full

My hubby loves buying flowers. Here is a beautiful basket full of pansies. I love pansies and the intricate detail of their petals. The color is phenomenal. Purple - deep purple until they look black and eye-popping purple with yellow petals and green leaves. I
do a color study every time I walk out my front door and see them. I think I will make a card with purple and yellow, maybe a touch of green.

Check Up

I guess we all need a checkup from the doctor. It's like a tuneup for your car. Would you keep driving it and never check the gas, water, or oil? Well I know some that might not ever check the last two until the vehicle locked up. But that is never a good idea. Today I go for a checkup and I am not looking forward to it.

I heard Ted Broer speaking last night on the tv about his book Maximum Energy. He says there are 10 food items you should never eat. The ones I heard were diet soda, shell fish, lunch meats and margarine.

I know I need to eat more fruit and vegetables. And drink more WATER. Have you ever heard the saying, "Water, water everywhere and not enough to drink?" I heard the other day of a city experiencing prescription drugs in their drinking water. Now how do you think it got there?

Update: My friend's hubby was having mini-strokes in his brain. He must change his diet and lose weight. Gee that is what Broer was saying we need to do. Can it be that simple? Broer went on to say that cholesterol meds are killers and one should use natural ways to get it under control. He also mentioned if a child has used ritalin or another med for ADD they will not be allowed to join the military. Wonder what the gov't knows about this drug?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hello Dollies

On a lighter note I have posted a few flat dolls I was working on but they never came alive. In other words I never finished them. I was just playing around.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cure for Complaining

is what my friend called this video she forwarded to me about Nick. Give it a minute to begin.

When you feel like grumbling and complaining about your situation consider Nick's situation. If you have time to watch the entire video you won't be disappointed. He makes several great points. Trust God in all situations. I am grateful for all God is doing for me, to me, and through me.


I have made so many wonderful friends online in my groups. One of them is Noel from CA. She is a wonderful artist and fantastic beader. If you don't believe me just take a look at a beadazzling gift I received this week.
Fishers of Men
was made with orange beads. My favorite color. The detail in this piece of art is amazing. Her choice of beads, well let's just say she has an "eye" for proportion.
May God bring Noel blessings of a personal note that she will without a doubt know that God loves her more than she could ever dream or imagine.
That is so hard for many to fathom, including me, but God is faithful to teach us and love us and guide us into His destiny for us.
Be blessed today and encouraged God loves you!!

A Storm Is Brewing

Casting Crowns has a great song out "Praise You In the Storm". Take a listen here videoed by ultimaplayer25.
Where is your storm brewing and where are you placing your faith? I will look to the hills and from where does my help come?

Yesterday proved to be an interesting day for me. After my post on the blog I walked into my kitchen and I surely felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me about a basket of junk sitting on my counter top. What was a junk basket has now become my blessing basket. He spoke to my heart to begin to put slips of paper with my "thankfulness" "blessings" on top of the junk in there. Sometimes what looks like junk in your life will become the greatest blessing to come your way and change your life.

I received a call early in the morning from a friend that was just released from the hospital with major back surgery. Her husband was being taken to the ER for testing bc he was experiencing numbness for the third time in his face. She is a tough bird, she wanted me to take her to the hospital just to be with him for a little while. She is amazing and the love for her hubby after 34 years is as if they were newly weds. My day was not what I planned but what God planned for me. It was everything I needed and more. A reminder of how precious our lives are each day.
And then I received news of a young 14 year old girl who attended one of the local high schools and she had committed suicide.

What direction am I headed in? I hope HIS direction.
Enjoy this day and Praise HIM in Your storm.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Praise In All Things

D. House's FAT Tea,Lace and Roses FPC arrived from Tx.
It is a beautiful card made with upholstery fabric and
embellished with a beautiful little rose in the corner. Lace has been
added to the top and bottom. The
back is just as beautiful. I believe it is decorative paper.

Yesterday was definitely a tea day with a friend for me. We spent time in prayer. God seems to be dealing with both of us about not allowing any negative thoughts to enter our minds let alone speaking them. She shared a book of stories called Prison To Praise and another book by the same author. I believe the author was Carruthers. Anyway I left there knowing what I need to concentrate on and wondering how God was going to bring it about. Hubby is struggling in some of the same areas I am and adjusting to the neighbors next door. We love all our children but sometimes boundaries must be drawn for all our sakes. Adjustments can be difficult or you can let God deal with them as you continue to pray them through.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Play Day or Pay Day

A Cup Of Tea

I'm up and awake. I'm working on a project.How do you like my two stamp figures. I'm going to paint them. I'm just not sure how to do it.
Actually I fell asleep early Sunday night without eating I was so tired and feeling poorly. Now I am wide awake.

I will spend today in my little room cleaning it out - its my hubby's office actually. But I took it over sort of when I had to give up my room. I need to get in there and do taxes. So cleaning today is what I will be doing - although what I really want to do it play.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

King Jesus


This is the most wonderful day, Jesus arose from the grave and conquered sin and death so that we might one day live in eternity with him. Do you know Jesus personally? There is no other person that ever lived with the intent of making a way for mankind to be free from sin.

I came to know HIM when I was 12 years old. It has been an interesting walk with Jesus. One that many times I have walked away from. But because of His immeasurable love I have always been drawn back to Him. He loves me so personally. He loves you the same way.
He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Monkey

In the Artist's Circle workshop we are painting pellon then embedding things using wonder under to seal it all in.

Here is my sample piece. I went whimsical with a monkey creation. I cut out a shape of a monkey head. I painted my pellon with neocolor
wax pastels. I didn't wait for it to dry, I just ironed it
until it was dry. Then I added fibery yarn, envelope clasps, a ribbon with word "Happy" on it, dropped two dots of lumiere paint for nose and sharpied the nostrils. Placed wonder under on top, pressed with iron, and last but not least covered it with a blue sheer fabric. The possibilities are endless. I wonder if Hailey would enjoy making one of these?

Sometimes I need to lighten up and not take life so seriously. Have fun and enjoy your life. Jesus paid the greatest price of all for us to enjoy our lives here and now.

New Life, New Birth
My favorite Chapter in the Bible is Psalm 139. Before you and I were created it says He, God, knew you while you were in your mother's womb. He created you and fashioned you to be creative for Him. He created you to fulfill your destiny. Do you know your destiny? Are you creating for HIM?

Friday, March 21, 2008


Is it real or is it just a memory. I finished my art challenge for Latest Trend but I am not happy with it at all. I could not execute the technique I was working on. A week ago when I was practicing with my new stamp I was able to work out the kinks. The samples looked great to me but then I put it away for awhile. The result: I did not document what I was trying and now I can not reproduce that technique for the life of me. I didn't want to use the entire stamp, only pieces of her. The stamp is a beautiful geisha from Inka. This challenge has definitely stretched me and I have enjoyed exploring other avenues I would normally never consider.
Here's my problem; see if you have any solutions/suggestions for me. I would appreciate it.
And the catch of the challenge - You could use only the one stamp, one embellishment (friendship knot ) and one card. I get to choose the technique and background.
I could not figure out how to get a smooth, complete finish. Rubs, sponge, brush?
I used neocolor on stamp face when practicing and the face, hair, flowers were very distinct and different colors, no muddling but now look at this. Can you tell I grew frustrated.
The side of card: I used neocolor as a resist in black and white.
The inside card: I painted with neocolor pink - maybe this is the wrong thing to use on paper?
My center piece is the mid-section of geisha stamp - hands/tea cup only - on modeling clay. I love using the modeling clay and stamping. But what would you suggest I do instead of just plopping it down on the card?
My mind had run the gamut and was just done. I sent it on but I am very disappointed in the finished product. What I did learn: new techniques are fun, getting out of the main stream of what I work with opens my eyes up to so much more creativity. Frustration can be a good thing when I redirect it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm pondering a word today - altered. Webster's New World Dictionary gives the meaning as:

1. to change; make different; modify
Altered things are very popular right now in the art world. But I am wondering how much of my life I have "altered". I was designed by God to be salt and light for Him. I have chosen to alter that plan so many times. The only altering I really want in my life is what God chooses to do.
I was listening to a cd Favor - What Money Can't Buy. Before I had finished the cd I found myself on my knees weeping before the Lord in prayer.
The "Altered" pic includes two dimes that I found on my walk. And you are probably wondering what does the other pic have to do with altered? Those are also found objects I've come across on my walking. I can't believe I picked up the boxers with money signs and diamonds on them. They were brand new and I have a feeling someone lost these things out of their backback. I only hope they weren't their only pair. The slippers were found at a bus stop on the day I walked in the pouring down rain. Believe it or not but I am using the slipper parts to include in my "green" 5x5 quilt for Quilting Arts. (And yes I did wash them) I have been thinking about all the trash that gets placed in the dumps bc its not recycable. What am I taking for granted, what has been granted to me? Am I a good steward of things God has assigned to me?
I will continue to ponder these things today as I work on my projects.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monkeying Around

Hailey from CA sent me the 2 monkey cards. Aren't they great. I love the embroidered "funny" monkey. Has he caught "U"? He sure got my attention. And the little embellished flower in its hair is adorable. Very nice extra added touch.

I love the edging she put around the monkeys in the cage to highlight them on this fabric. "Z"oo might want to visit the zoo and enjoy the animals, too. hahaha!
Thank you so much Hailey, you are a wonderful artist. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next challenge.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Growth

Yesterday was a great day for me mail-wise but I felt so bad physically that I didn't even get out of my pj's. I know today has to be better. I received my Spring pages from the other artists I was trading with on FAT.

The tree was sent from Nj. The tree is foil or light metal with green beads for leaves, the butterflies move in different directions by placing a bead on top of the body. The piece is edged with decorative fibers/yarns. On the back she made a pocket and placed a squirrel playing card in it with a great poem. I love all the fibers on the card.

This wonderful Spring page came from K. Rodriquez. She placed a dragonfly charm in the air. The purple flower is appliqued with an antique button in the center. She has hand-stitched the flowers and grass using french knots and straight stitch. The pictures of both artists' pages do not do them justice. But I get to keep the real thing and make it into a fiber Spring Page book. Two gifts in one trade. I like that I don't have to make all the pages but they are a compliation of other artists.

I will post more art work tomorrow from this Spring page collection.
So come back and sit a while, have a cup of tea and enjoy.

God is definitely bringing new growth and birth to my family spiritually and naturally. It's another time of stretching. The house next door is preceding on schedule. The bathroom will be finished today and my son will probably move in this weekend.

My hubby's job is definitely stretching him as there is one person who is vulgar and directs his cursing at my hubby. There seems to always be one that destroys the team concept.

And we will be meeting with the county agencies over a new entrance change in our subdivision and a few other issues. My husband has banded together our little neighborhood to have a voice in the final outcome. He is pretty exhausted from dealing with it after working all day but he keeps moving forward. He never ceases to amaze me. God that is! Yesterday while sitting on my deck enjoying the sun He began to speak to my heart about some issues. Of course I wept to think when I stopped and listened for Him, He actually gave me direction. He has given me one word to pray for each member of my family. So to see how He will move and answer prayer is exciting.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Wedding - Soul ties or Soul Eyes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. What do you see when you look into someone else's eyes OR do you bother to look at them, do you make eye contact, do they look at you while they are speaking? Does that make you feel uncomfortable? I'm pondering that thought early this Monday morning.

Yesterday I attended my son's friends' wedding. And it was the most touching Godly wedding. They exchanged their vows and made their commitments to one another with the Chickahominy River as their backdrop and between two beautiful, old stately trees. Very profound, with so much meaning. Each father was given the responsibility of passing the spiritual responsibities to the next generation. The bride's father read the groom's vows to him as he exchanged them with his bride and vice versa. It was a powerful impact on me. The father's giving charge to their children. This was a first of many things I have never seen before. The songs picked out were very appropriate for this couple's wedding day. I know the groom personally and know that with all his heart he wants to serve God and wife and family in that order.
Can you imagine The Bible says that our weddings are to represent how Christ loves His Bride, the Church.

My hubby didn't want to go but afterwards his heart was so touched, just like mine. He cried and so did I. It gave us fresh and new hope to strengthen our marriage; to love one another like Christ loved the church and to be devoted to God and our relationship first then to others.

Every child desires within them to have their father's blessing. I can truly say this bride and groom received that and so much more. On a heavier note it made me sad for millions of children who grow up every day not knowing their father, even when he does live in the home. What have we as a society done to the family that God designed?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Casting Stones

Pure In Heart

It's 1:37am on Sunday morning - Palm Sunday. Saturday my oldest son came up to be fitted for his tux for his brother's wedding. He shared the neatest story with me. He and some friends were out eating on Friday night after his church life group met. While seated in a booth, several "older" (40's) ladies came by and sat at booth behind them. He said you could tell they had been at the bar too long. They were obnoxious and cursing and talking loud. One of the ladies overheard his friend ask the other friend if he were interested in dating anyone. She jumped into the conversation and said she had a beautiful daughter. My son turned around and asked her if she really wanted to know what they were discussing. He began to share about the life group meeting and what Christ was doing in their lives. The drunk woman expressed that she was a youth group leader in a nearby city. My son looked at her and ask if he could share something with her. He told her she needed to be an example to the youth. At which she responded she was. He said well you were not a very good example as you were sitting down. You were cursing and being obnoxious. At which she explained they had been to a friends bachelorette party. Like that was suppose to excuse her behavior. But her friends at this time nodded their heads in agreement with my son about making a drunken scene. My son went on to say to her, "You prejudged me and my friends bc we have tattoos and long hair, but after I have shared about how God is working in our lives you freely say you would allow one of us to date your daughter."

She had judged them by their outward appearance, but who were the white-washed sepulchures in this case talked about in the Bible. I cant' imagine what she shared with the youth in her charge at her church. Personally I hope she does a little soul searching and repents for her actions. None of us are perfect but we must continue to search ourselves for clean hands and a pure heart.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

I am also learning other things. And one of them is this make sure you always credit from whence your help comes. My help comes from the Lord.

I added a credit to my OLW Prosperity pic in upper right hand corner of my blog.

The beautiful heart was made by a Surface Design member, Debby Leonard. I never thought much about placing the heart along with my inspiration stones in this pic and stating it was made by her. But through the Holy Spirit's nudging I feel I need to do that. I would not want anyone thinking I made the heart. False advertisement is not good!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


So many times we post our finished project. I decided to let you see my foibles on a challenge I am working on. I'm struggling with what paint to use on a paper card and since I've never used stamps trying to figure out how many times I stamp until I get a good print. Every great artist has to begin somewhere. LOL. I need to write down what doesn't work as I'm doing it bc now I don't remember what the gray paint was. Practice, practice, and more practice.
I just want instant gratification. I am learning so many things about myself as I work through these processes.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Button, Button Who's Got the Button

Yesterday proved to be a very interesting day. It started out like any other day and then I lost my computer. Oh my!! I finally went to the library and was able to get online but not any email at all. So I contacted a dear friend to send out a distress signal. Thank you Fannie.

I was pretty upset before this happened about changes occurring in my neighborhood. So while walking I was thanking God for all He had given me and trying to redirect my negativity to "thank yous". Today was no exception, in the fact, that God did not let me down when I focused on Him. I found a dime, a penny, and a few other things too. But the most intereseting thing I found was a reminder of who's child I am. Here is the button I found. On it reads "I am God's Child". I guess He said it all for me.

But when computer went down I reverted back to my old ways.
Complaining! I finally drove to the library to see if I could get on up there. No mail connection but I did reach Fannie's blog and leave my message.
While I was at the library I thought to myself I may as well check out books. I found some rather interesting reads. Maybe God was redirecting my steps totally, bc I had not planned on going to the library. But before I stepped up to the desk to checkout guess what was laying on the floor in front of me. You guessed it!! a penny.

When I called my friend to share about answered prayer, I told her about my button find. Her response, "Button, Button who's got the button." Do you remember that children's game. We laughed and stood amazed at how God had answered my prayers from earlier in the morning, just not in my way. Another interesting thing - my friend told me of a mutual friend she saw at church on Sunday and while I was walking guess who I ran in to. Our friend and her daughter, who is expecting their first child, a son. Coincidence - I think not!
I picked a variety of books up while at the library. I had to post them. Moments of Grace by Neale Walsch, Haiku by Patricia Donegan, Painted Paper by Alisa Golden, and Invisible Acts of Power by Caroline Myss. I had just asked God to help me with my project I am doing with paper and the Painted Paper book was a brand new book just placed in the library. Just for me, lol. God does answer prayer, no matter how small the request.
This post is rather long today but there is so much I want to share about God. On the way home from the library I heard the neatest story on the radio.
Seems a couple actually have honey dripping from the walls in their home. They live in an historic home in CA and there are so many bees inside their walls that honey is literally dripping from their walls. Now that is a "honey-do list"!! They said they won't bother the bees bc they don't want the historic home damaged. That's one big honeycomb. They say when you walk up to the home is smells of honey. Maybe they should name the home "Sweet Nectar" or "HoneyComb".

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Heart Hugs

Heart Hugs

Yesterday I left a comment on my friend, Fannie's blog. She sent me a hug back in the way of a sweet comment. She is always encouraging people in so many ways.

Here are my first stamps I ordered from Stampin' Up. I wanted to make up a few "Heart Hug" cards for FAT. When someone needs encouraging I will have some ready to mail out. Being ahead of the game in some cases goes a long way.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daisies On My Mind


My DIL-to-be loves the daisy. So that will be the main flower for
their wedding. Dharma showed a pic of a past doll trade on FAT . I loved the dolls shape so I created a wedding doll for my DIL. I took a pic of one of her daisies, printed it on fabric, added stabilizer and did thread work around the petals. Then I took a pic of her and added it in the center of the flower. She had bought several different fabrics for me to make her a table runner. I chose the "Our Wedding" fabric and made the body and added lace around the edge. She is not finished as I want to add angel wings to her. I love it so far. I gave it to my DIL at her bridal shower on her gift bag. The ladies loved her.

Signature Card/Inspiration Stones

Another project I am working on is a business card/signature card for myself. I want to be able to attach a card to my trades when I mail them out, plus I would like to be able to have a great card to give out to people about my art. The card shown is a pic I took of a sunset, manipulated in Scrapbook Prgm, accented with a pink background. I have a pic I took of a dove sitting on my fence that I want to find in my 8000 pics on computer and use that for my main background on my cards. Will see if I can track it down.

Included in this pic are two stones. I purchased these at Cracker Barrel last night.
My first three inspirations stones went to my son as I stated in another post.

The words on these "Receive" and "Celebrate". I felt very impressed to get "receive". I am not doing very good in receiving and even worse in acknowledging a "thank you". Usually I don't have a problem in doing that. So a gentle reminder must be needed.

"Celebrate" I felt impressed to purchase bc I want to spend more time celebrating my relationship with Christ, family and friends. To be more joyous for all I have and to acknowledge outwardly to my hubby especially I feel it something I need desperately to work on.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Pages for FAT

Here are my Spring pages finished just in time. I need to go to FAT and post them. They are different on the front and back. I can't wait to get pages from other traders and make them into a small fiber book.
The pink one is a web of threadwork I did in my workshop for Artist's Circle. I added a FAT bead to look like a cocoon wrapped on the spider web.
The second one reminds me of an ole' tv show - Please Don't Eat the Daisies. Unfortunately, on the other side the monkey decided to eat them. I added a great fiber yarn to its edges. And last but not least, I needle-felted daisies, found a cute yellow duck and sat him on top of another bead I made. The reverse side is a heart I made with stabilizer and added an inchie with a heart. Its very simple. I hope my partners will like the pages they receive.


I had to take my dog, Bear into the vet for minor surgery. But you know I am feeling bluesy bc he is such a companion. He will be there all day, but I get to pick him up after 5pm. The fee for a minor surgery is the price of a semester of college with books included. How does a person pay for a pet in this day and age. Take out a small loan!!


The sun is popping through my blinds and its a great reflection. I seem to be doing quite a bit of that lately, reflecting that is.
Walking yesterday I found a few objects, but especially
my 2 dimes and 2 pennies. Thank You God. You keep reminding
me of your promises to my. Let me be found as faithful to You.
My friend gave me a great chapter for my family to reflect on - Isaiah 35. I keep going back to it and reading it and re-reading it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Has Sprung In FAT Pages

I am working on my FAT Spring Pages
bc in two days the pic for the trade has
to be posted. I love the little duck/bird
I found to put on the felted flowers page.
It also has a bead I made for another
FAT beads trade but decided to place
one on this page. The white page is called
Spring Love. It has an inchie using pink
cancer fabric and behind it is black yarn.
I have placed a confetti heart with the
work "Love" on it. The large heart is
stablizer that I painted and used a transparency on that didn't work. I received my new stamps and stamp pads yesterday so I decided to ink stamp on it with "Light Pink". Then I stitched around the edge to give more texture to the heart. The "Love" repeat of words is also the pink cancer fabric. Now I need to work on two more pages by Tuesday's deadline.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rain Down, Nothing But A Blur

Yesterday I shared with Wanda on FAT that
I loved walking with my lab in the rain. Well,
don't you know it decided to pour torrential
rains when I was walking my dog. Here is a
pic of my pants and shoes when I arrived
home. What a great walk. There is a song
"Rain Down" and I sung it all along my walk.
A refreshing, cleansing rain for me and my
spirit. I needed to repent and feel the cleansing
of God. He Is Awesome!!

You can see my doggie loved it too. He was soaked to the bone. My son took these pics before we were allowed to dry off and come into the house. What fun! We may think we control so many aspects of our lives but only God controls the weather or He did; seems man is trying to manipulate even nature.

Nothing But A Blur

You know yesterday I was close to being disobedient to something the Lord ask me to do. I have 3 Inspiration stones that God directed me to purchase at different times. They have the words "Remember", "Prosperity" and "Ask" on them. I love how I found them and that they represent promises from Him. Parting with them so soon was not in my agenda. My oldest was visiting from the beach for the day. As he was preparing to leave I felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit direct me to give my son the stones. Well, I just knew I was not hearing correctly. No way could He possibly be asking me to release those yet. But He showed me how my heart was selfish even toward blessing my son. Oh Boy!! I did not like what I saw. I almost let this opportunity slip by, but before I left the house with my hubby I had to ask my hubby to wait and let me go back inside the house to tell my son goodbye. Ok really it was to give him my precious stones bc up to this point I was willing to let him return to the beach w/o the stones.

Later while I was still out with hubby I called my son and told him how hard it was to release the stones to him. I ask where he had put the stones, bc he tends to misplace things. His response, "They are in my pocket. Well, mom maybe those stones are mine like David 's stones." I replied, "You may be right, use those stones to defeat your Goliaths." Wow what insite my son had. He took back with him Bible study materials we have had for some time. He asked for them and I had even a hard time giving him the books. I need to be careful or books could easily become my god. Is there a love of something/someone that is beginning to replace your love for God more?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Troubled Spirit

Today I awoke, actually I've been feeling this stirring in my spirit. This unsettling, uneasiness in my spirit. I began to read from the Attic to the Altar again. I have wept bc of the similarities of this girls life and mine. The lies of Satan can be seen stronger than the truth at times. I love the keys she speaks of (3) she lists: Key of Knowledge - wear the Belt of Truth and learn to recognize the truth. I remember purchasing a book she speaks of "Telling Yourself the Truth" and reading it, maybe its time to re-read it. And the other keys: Keys of Binding and Loosing. Matthew 16:19 and Matthew 18:18. When you use your keys, it unlocks a door. Jesus said, "I am the door." John 10:9 He is the most wonderful door ever to open. Pen In Hand!!
I really feel in my heart the need to spend quite a bit of time in deep prayer for a while. I know He dispatches angels to take care of us. I believe that with all my heart. He has sent me back to what He spoke to a while back. "You have not because you ask not." Again, I pray, "Lead me Lord to ask and not ask amiss."
I continue to be drawn to Barbara's site and to pull her music list and listen to it. Last night I told my husband I had a song for him and wanted him to know how much I love and appreciate him. That song "No Place That Far" by Westlife. My hubby after listening to it said "Let our oldest son listen to it." Wow, he loved it enough to want our son to hear it.

Thank you Barbara, for out of your loss, suffering and pain you share with so many others. May God bless you today and always and your wonderful, beautiful daughters.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Play Day and Paint Chips

I picked up paint chips from the store and wanted to use them for layouts. Does any background color appeal to you with the hearts?

The heart on purple is the truest color - orange and green threads. What's interesting is the background in the little windows changed color too. The true background is a thin layer of orange fabric with white canvas underneath.

This morning I awoke and did this workshop experiment for Artist Circle. We were to use solvy, cords, fabric, sewing machine and of course our creative minds. So I made two threadwork hearts; one with a piece of dryer sheet attached by threadwork to the all threadwork heart . I think I may make it into a FPC or ATC. I want to try more bc I still have not included the cord/yarn yet. Now I am in my element/zone.

But looking at the pics I think the little windows are distracting from what I wanted to focus on - color and layout. I will name the FPC or ATC "Open Window to My Heart."

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Down For The Count

Here is another wonderful St. Paddy pin I received from a trade. Carmen does wonderful embroidery work. And she sent me matching earrings. How is that for being decked out on St. Patrick's day.
Thank you so much Carmen for my gorgeous pin and shamrock earrings.

Well all my good intentions went out the window this morning. The dreaded migraine attacked an that was all she wrote; as the saying goes. I spent the day in bed fast asleep. And my eyes are still weak and full of pain but I wanted to post quickly. Then its off to bed for the night.

Funny about those demolish guys next door. My son and his tree-climbing friend have leveled about 7 trees and trimmed 3; more to come tomorrow. He cracks me up, then they went to pick up a trailer to haul all the debris to the dump. We've found the back neighbor has erected his fence on our side of the property. Oh Boy!!
I have no energy and hubby is really in major pain as he helped all day in son's yard. I wish I had taken before pics of home bc I will definitely take after.I think I'll end on this note. Good night all!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Long Days-Irish Ways

It has been a long day painting next door. I am exhausted but I wanted to post my trades I received. Beautiful paper from women artists in Bangledesh given to me by Ange and her wonderful St Paddy shamrock pin.

She is a fabulous creation full of fiber, a beautiful bead head and beaded legs with wire arms. I received her from Kathy S. Her fiber hair is gorgeous and kind of looks like mine when I get up
first thing in the morning.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Here We Go Round In Circles-Happy B-day Son

Happy Birthday

My middle son turns 22 today. He was born around 11:30am, a lunch time baby. He now is the proud owner of the home next door. And loves his job as a police officer. He will be up in a few hours and will begin a fugitive roundup. Oh boy!! Pray for safety. We won't get to see him today for his birthday. But to let you in on a secret. When he was born I believe he came out smiling. I remember when the doctor held him he grabbed onto the blankie they were wrapping him in and to this day I believe he grabs on to life the same way. With a firm grip.

New Workshop - Artist's Circle
My new workshop started today on Artist's Circle with
Elizabeth. We are using Mixed Media Explorations by
Beryl Taylor. Our first week is using water-soluble solvy, thread, fabric and cording. I forgot to put on yarn and fabric. So that gives me an excuse to try this experiment again.
Haha! You know I don't need an excuse to try it again.
This was suppose to be 3 leaves. I forgot to continue my threads out to another point of thread work. And the pink
circle, my first attempt at a NA mandala. It reminds me of the crocheted coasters in my grandmothers living room along with all the crocheted furniture covers.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Dis-heart-ened or Dis-hardened

Dis-heart-ened; that is what I am feeling today. I am so glad God sees me through Jesus's eyes otherwise I would probably be fried by now.
Yesterday was an extremely tough day bc I am seeing my heart in some areas and I don't like what I see. Now to be able to do anything about it. That is my cry for today with God. I find myself back to repenting. Easter is coming and we know Jesus arose from the grave. He is Alive!
and so that means I should be fully alive. But since I live in the flesh and with sin, I need to examine myself.
At my guild meeting on Saturday I walked to the foyer and when I did a burst of sunshine hit me in the face through this stain glass window. When I looked up I knew I needed to run and get my camera and take a picture of it. I know there is a lesson, a great visual lesson, in this. I would love to create this in a quilted wall hanging.
I am reading a book by Antoinette Mann called from the ATTIC to the ALTAR.
It's her true story. Can you imagine being left behind by your mother and having to sleep in an attic? being abused by others at a young age, (this I know about) and feeling the pain of rejection as a child when all you wanted was to be loved.
The reading on this book is slow going, probably bc of where I am within myself. I guess its time to clean the closets, attics and anywhere else that has skeletons hanging around in me. Funny isn't this the time of year they refer to as "Spring Cleaning"?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Warm/Cool; Not Weather But Colors

Trip Around World - Warm/Cool

I had my second ArtQuiltStudy Workshop. Today we discussed color, perspective and borders.
Which are warm colors? Which are cool colors? Primary, secondary and tertiary colors. I need a color wheel? Oh my!! We played with paint chips. Now that I have picked a theme its off to my first attempt at a 9x12 quilt.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

For Whom The Bell Tolls

I thought this video would be so cute to add for today's post. I captured this little squirrel trying to irritate a bird that was sitting nearby I guess what he thought to be all his territory. The video was taken through my dining room window.

Today is another busy day. My quilt guild meeting is this morning. And then its home again to continue painting on my son's new home next door. After we finish his home I told him I think his dad and I will trade them homes. I'm only kidding!!

Last night I realized how much the workshops and trades on FAT are helping me to develop my techniques, expand my knowledge base on art, and increase my self-esteem. The greatest benefit out of this is the friendships being forged. Thank again to Nj for FAT and all the trade partners I have had in the past. Oh yeah, the trade I am hosting will close on March 4, my middle son's birthday. Now that will prove to be interesting. But I am learning time management too.