Friday, April 04, 2008

200 Post and Counting

I hit my 200 post yesterday. That's not a mile stone for me. I never planned on measuring my blog by the posts I make. When I have been on a year that will be a milestone. I have posted everyday so far. That is a milestone. I love writing!!

Yesterday was an exasperating day or I should say my focus was lost. Remember I said God has been working on my thought life. Well, I couldn't find a receipt for something that we have had only a week and it broke so I needed to take it back to the store. Hubby told me I filed the receipt. But I remember when my hands have touched something. I didn't remember this receipt or what it looked like. So my frustration level shot up without "even" giving thoughts a second thought. I began to grumble a-n-d complain. But then I stopped what I was doing and called my prayer partner. We prayed together on the phone and while she was praying for me I went upstairs, sat at hubbies desk and ruffled through a few invoices and guess what I found. You are so right - the receipt. I knew I had never filed that thing.

But oh the feelings that I had after finding it. I felt very sad that I had let something so minuscule change my focus, my thought and my peace. I should have kept on my original task and came back to that irritation when I could be more calm.

I had to ask God to forgive me for my attitude. It is a good thing my hubby had to run errands while my complaining was going on or I would have to asked his forgiveness too.


Fannie said...

You don't think 200 posts is a milestone? ??? In the blogging world, it is! Congratulations, Dove. I'm celebrating from Texas and will celebrate with you on your year's milestone too. Great job!

I think in life, tests come not to frustrate, but to reveal our character and allow us to experience our choices. Without these tests, we may not also experience growth. What do you think? Fannie's philosophy Friday. Ha, ha.

Jacq said...

Congratulations on 200 postings!!

Noel said...

Hi Dove, I tried to post yesterday on your 200th milestone in the blog world but it wouldn't let here I am today to say's a big achievement.
You have touched so many hearts and souls with your words....I know with me you have! Your words are encouraging and your stories some sad and funny....I just love the things you find on your walks....they tell a story all in themselves!