Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Go Green & Morning Song

Yesterday I came across this Native American song called Morning Song on YouTube. I fell in love with the beat and sound.


I worked on this piece for Quilting Arts magazine. The challenge was to make a 5"square mini quilt out of materials you have on hand. It could weigh no more than 1 pound.

As some know when I walk my dog in the mornings many times I find unusual things, pick them up and bring them home. I have quite an unusual collection of what I call "MAN DROPPINGS."

This quilt is made completely of "man droppings." The backing is cut from a pair of men's boxers. I found them on the sidewalk one day when I walked an it was drizzling rain. It looked like someone had dropped them out of a backpack bc they were folded all neat and were definitely clean. Otherwise they would still be laying on the sidewalk.

That same day I found a pair of bedroom slippers near a bus stop by then it was pouring rain, I was soak and wet. But I felt compelled to pick them up too. I wish you could have seen me carrying a pair of slippers up the main road of my town in the pouring rain. Now wasn't that weird two unusual garments in two different places. If I had found the robe I would have wondered. h-u-m!! The center batting and front are made from the slippers after washing them and stripping the soles off. I hand stitched the quilt edging with orange waxed cording I found one day.

"Will's" face is made with a red pipe cleaner for his mouth and nose, a pair of broken glasses surround his bottle cap eyes and his irises are glass beads I found. The ear piece from the broken glasses make up his eyebrows - he has a uni-brow. I even found the name tag "Will" as I walked one day. My label on the back is a job invoice for a car dealership. I hand stitched it on the back.

Yesterday when I was walking I came across this nice piece of slab with feet. Man this will make a nice piece for laying things on to glue, heat and all-around work space. It was heavy but my doggie's walk was cut short so I could take my find home and clean it off. Oh yes I found the pliers too, but not together.


Sherry said...

Will is so cute. The stone find is really awesome. That would make a good surface to use next tothe sewing machine. Makes a great foundation for small fusing and applique jobs along with a mini iron. My mom has one by her machine. Don't have to get up and down to go to the ironing board.

morningDove said...

thanks Sherry,after your post I used it with my heat gun while melting resist glue.