Saturday, April 12, 2008

Artist Break Through

I am posting this pic with a happy heart. Not bc it is great but bc I broke through an artist block. I was working on Latest Trend CS workshop "Seascape." I have not followed the directions in Celebrate Your Creative Self on this one at all. I collaged tissue paper with modge podge, fabric cutups underneath to give texture and finally here is the biggie. I cut the piece to insert a pic from one of my Caribbean cruises. The colors are not close yet but I will work the colors to blend into the pic. By accident I had dropped a square piece of flower fabric on top of the collage. Whola! Pieces of the picture I inserted became the stem and leaves of the flower. I imagined I'm looking from a boat into the water and on top is a flower floating, but beneath I can see a turtle swimming around. The breakthrough is the fact that I just did it and didn't care if it turned out or not. I just cut it up. I think I will enjoy finishing this piece.

Once upon a time I sent many cards of encouragement to people. This is a gift God has given to me. I enjoy encouraging others. This was a gift that passed down from my mother. I always noticed she sent many cards out each week. She was a single mom with five children and though we did not have lots of money she found the time to send cards to others. Through time I became maybe a little more self-centered and stopped writing other than journaling. But God is encouraging me to remember others and let them know when I am thinking of them. So FAT has what is called Hearts-n-Hugs, where we send FPC out to members. Diana is going through a tough week of losing many (5) in death in one week. So I am sending her this little card. I hope it cheers her up some. Of course we all have to grieve in our own way. The Bible encourages us to mourn with those that mourn and laugh with those that laugh. I pray I will allow God to work through me to encourage His people. We all just need a little boost once in a while.


Jacq said...

Your Seascape looks great. Working with tissue paper is always fun with some unexpected surprises.

Tangled Threads said...

Well, that explains why your comments are always so encouraging. I like your seascape. It's nice when you can let go and just create.