Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hot Pink and Loving It

Theme: Cars
This Sunday I will go to another Art Quilt Workshop Study class. The theme I chose for this project is "Cars." I will try to produce quilts in a Series on Cars. We are only through Chapter 2 which discussed color use and perspective. When Kathleen, our teacher, ask us what colors we liked at present; I said, "of course, Orange but then out of my mouth came purple and yellow. She mentioned working with a controlled color palette. Oh boy!! Here is my first quilt on cars. This is a busy little 9x12 quilt. I started with all these techniques and couldn't quit. Its suppose to be a learning experience but she didn't mean all on one quilt. lol!!

I began with 2 photos I took of a car for sale - Betty Boop in February. The photo was manipulated with a bleach pen and stamped with lime green and deep purple ink. I used a technique from Cloth,Paper,Scissors Winter 2004 issue. Then I printed the photo on a fabric sheet. It was framed in with strips of purples sewn together that a friend gave me. Ok leftovers! Decorative Radiance frize purple glitter yarn for roadway. Embellished with lots of dryer threads in pink and purple in the right corner. Textiva was placed over it and decorative feather stitches added. I glued a real key I found on one of my walks in the middle. The Betty Boop wheel well cover with bumper tag reads "Pink & Lo." In the bottom left corner I used Judikins Kalidescope embossing powder edged in beads to look like a license plate. It will read "Betty Boop" either in pink or purple lettering. Blanket stitch in purple thread around the edge of the quilt finished it off. I should have used a different background but I didn't like black, pink or purple. Oh well next time.
When all my quilts are finished I plan on binding them into a book. Here are the books mentioned in the above techniques.

And here is the purple and yellow I spoke about. Isn't she a beauty to behold? This flower is out of the basket my hubby bought me last week. I had to get a closeup. "Pansy On Parade" is what I call this pic!!
The center reminds me of an eagle in flight.


Sherry said...

Absolutely LOVE IT! You take such simple elements and turn them into beautiful work. My brain is so structured and won't let me be so free. I really need to work on that. Keep going and show me more. Hugs!!

Noel said...

Wow Dove, it's beautiful....I love how you have put it all betty boop too!

Hove fun creating and learning in your class...can't wait to see what you make next.....very inspirational.

morningDove said...

I know about structure. That's why I know this quilt is too busy. But I had so many things running through my head I did them all.
I'll claim the "learning curve" when really I need to practice "pleasing to the eye layouts."

Fannie said...

Beautiful, Dove!