Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mangled and Missing

Yesterday the weather was weird in this area. My son lives a little over a hour away in what is actually Chesapeake area. He and I were on the phone talking when the wind and rain picked up where he was. He needed to fix a tire that was going flat but decided to wait. He said he could hear the rain and wind pick up, it was weird. A few miles away a tornado decided to land in Suffolk instead of moving in my son's direction. It tore up an area called "Driver" and displaced the entire neighborhood bc of potential foundation and structural damage. Many were injured but no one was killed. I must say I am sorry so many are facing major life-changing decisions today but I am grateful my son was spared of this ordeal.

To look at the mangled vehicles and totally missing homes from their foundation is a surreal scene. People always amaze one another bc you see true heroes emerge to help their brothers and sisters; people that in everyday life they might see, never speak to and never get to know.

Two different people sent me comments about the wonderful song "Amazing Grace." What neither of them know is that its a song my FIL sung all the time with his own words. I've mentioned that on my blog before. There are days I feel he must be in Heaven talking to God about his daughter. In the Bible it says there are others "cheering us on." Boy do I feel the need to be cheered on right now. Here is a site my friend sent me to on one of the interesting stories of Amazing Grace. Its called "The Black Notes." Hope it sparks your interest to seek the Lord of all Creation today. It reminds me of another song "His Eye Is On The Sparrow." I don't know if that is the title but that is what I remember. Enjoy your life today. God has a purpose for you. And I'll close with this version of "Amazing Grace" in Cherokee.

I closed this post out and then it hit me. I bought the movie "Amazing Grace" two days ago bc I had really wanted to watch it. I quickly forgot about buying it bc I don't buy or rent movies. I feel a stirring in my soul this morning to watch it. It feels like the beginning of a tornado.


Jacq said...

Glad you and yours are safe. We watched the damage on CNN last night. I love the movie Amazing Grace, to learn the history of the song makes it so much more meaniful to me.

Sue said...

I am at work and can't access the sites you mentioned. Hopefully sometime this weekend I can get to it. I have always loved the song Amazing Grace, didn't know there was a movie and never really thought about what may have inspired it. I will definitely watch the movie. We're all cheering for you Dove and I said a little prayer today, too. hugs!

morningDove said...

thank you Sue for your prayers. let me know what you think of the movie.

Sue said...

I checked out the web sites yesterday after work. I couldn't make myself wait until the weekend, even though I try to stay off the computer at home. Now I know why I was compelled. The Cherokee version of Amazing Grace is so beautiful. The Wintley Phipps video had me weeping, wondering just how long it will be before we stop seeing differences between people and start seeing each other as sisters and brothers. I know one thing for sure -- if God grants me the ability to complete an Ironman triathlon, I will be singing Amazing Grace as I cross the finish line. Thank you, Dove, as always for such inspiration!

morningDove said...

I know what you mean Sue about everyone realizing we are all brothers and sisters. Glad you enjoyed the Cherokee version. God is amazing. Hey when you finish your race get you singing on tape and post on your blog.