Monday, April 21, 2008

Yellow Roses

Here is my corsage from the wedding. Yellow Roses. It reminds me of a song "The Yellow Rose of Texas" and a friend that resides in Texas.
My son didn't like the silk daisies picked out for the wedding so they changed and went with real roses and blue flowers.
It's a late bedtime for me since using the herbs. I am getting sleepy and I just came back from getting a peppermint tea. But that has not awakened me. So this post is short and sweet.


Fannie said...

Short and sweet is nice.

Before reading your post, seeing your photograph reminded me of "The Yellow Rose of Texas." And there you are, writing the same thought. Nice.

I don't know about you, but after a major event, it takes me a good two weeks to wind down. Peppermint tea sounds like a good way to relax.

Jacq said...

YOur corsage is very lovely and such a beautiful shade. I think Fannie is right, drink lots of tea and spend some time taking care of yourself.