Monday, April 07, 2008

Pear-fect Day

Yesterday proved to be an interesting, fun, unexpected day full of improvising. Seems the teacher's email for supplies to bring did not reach any participants. She was so great, she went to work gathering supplies and we didn't miss a beat in creating in the class. Except for one thing - we all had to pick fabric out of a left-overs bin. How fun! Now that will get you out of your comfort zone. The piece we worked on - the Pear. You needed a background and seven small pieces of fabric. I had to leave on time from class to get home for another appointment. So this morning I laid out the pieces and they seemed too stark. So I decided to chalk them.
The background is more a pale blue but I am thinking of using the purple plaid for the border. What do you think? Any suggestions for a border?! I am enjoying more and more experimenting and improvising. Like someone said, "If you don't like it, paint over it, or chop it up and use on another project. Just have fun!!

Great Night
Last night was another great time with my hubby. He felt like eating Italian. When I was seated the waitress came over and ask me if I was from Italy. She thought I looked like her friend who she had not seen in a very long time. My hubby was quite amused and teased me all night.
We stopped by Books-a-Million on the way home and I bought another magazine. He purchased a Virginia Birdwatching book and a Word power book. Our next door neighbor came over to visit for a short time before retiring to bed. Our son was so funny! He called to talk to his dad and ask if he could come over. He just wanted to share about his day of dirt bike riding. How fun!!


Fannie said...

I like your "Pear-fect." You know I like working with pears. ;-D

It's so nice to see you learning many different techniques from all your classes. Wish I could join you in some of them. Thanks for sharing!

Your choice of purple plaid for the border will compliment the yellow pear nicely. Great value work.

Nice family time.

Jacq said...

Your pear looks really great. The shading that you did is very effective. I agree with Fannie the purple plaid is a nice compliment.

morningDove said...

I value both of your opinions - plaid it is. Will post when finished.

Noel said...

The pear is very nice....I like your choice of colors....tho I am late I echo Fannie and Jacq...the purple is a perfect accent.
I enlarged the's fabric right? I would love to take a class like that....oh the posibilities....I'll wait patiently for the finished piece...but if you could hurry up that would be great...hehehe!